Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cage the Elephant Releases New Single "Come a Little Closer"

I haven't talked about them much, but my old friends from Cage the Elephant have just finished up studio time on their newest album. They also released the first single off the album.

I've known these guys in some form of the band for well over a decade, having gone to school with frontman Matt, guitarist Brad and drummer Jared. I first got into shows watching these guys play a coffee house in our home town. I guess I have them to blame for all you see before you. Maybe blame isn't the right word either.

That said, the new track is fantastic. As always, CTE goes off on their own way, doesn't bother with whatever they did before this moment and just pushes forward with what's new, what they're feeling. And apparently they're feeling amazing things.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

I'm definitely looking forward to catching them opening for Muse in a little less than a month, even if I am amazed that I'll be at an arena show, watching the guys who used to play coffee shops and state fairs, but that's the dream right? I couldn't be more proud.

Songs from Stages and Stereos and Jocelyn Available Today

Two new songs went up on iTunes today, be sure to pick them up! 

First up is the newest single from Stages and Stereos, "Small Town Favorites" which I featured here just the other day. Make sure you pick it up and jam out until the EP comes out next month. 

Also up today is Jocelyn's new track "Miss America" which is also a preview for their upcoming EP as well. I'm definitely digging the sound if the new tune and can't wait for more. 


Monday, August 12, 2013

Introducing - TEAM

Last night, the elusive members of the band TEAM took to the Gunz Show and finally revealed their identities. The announcement captured quite a bit of attention, considering the band is comprised mostly of former/current members of other bands. Most notably around this blog is Bryan Donahue, ex bassist of Boys Like Girls who spent the spring touring with All Time Low. Also in the mix are Caleb Turman (Forever the Sickest Kids), Rico Garcia (Colours), Jay Vilardi (The Almost) and Ally Hoffmann.

You can get caught up with the interview Gunz did with Caleb and Rico below.

The rumors I’d heard about this project had me excited for what was to come and to hear things announced properly. The first track and the accompanying video can be seen here:

They’re both awesome and made me an instant fan.

If you happen to live in Texas, be sure to make it out to one of the two shows they have on the books. I definitely recommend it, you won’t be disappointed. You can also pick up the single, “Am I Alive” on iTunes.

Music for Monday - Sleep On It

There's something new brewing out of Chicago, IL and I have the pleasure of knowing one of the guys in the new pop punk group Sleep On It. They're currently working on a studio album, but you can check out the demos they've already put together on their bandcamp or right here.

I'm not the biggest fan of "Out in the Cold" because it's a bit too Blink 182 for me, but even if you don't dig it, stick it out and give the other two tracks a shot. They're less trite and definitely full of potential. Think something a little like A Loss For Words meets Man Overboard maybe? It's a throwback to how the genre used to sound, which is actually kind of nice. I love the direction that pop punk has taken, but it's nice to throw it back a from time to time. I'm looking forward to seeing what the studio versions sound like.

Check it out, tell me what you think, then hit them up.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stages and Stereos - New EP and Tour Update!

I've mentioned the guys from Stages and Stereos before, but not with a stack of news like this. They've got a new EP coming out next month! The single off the EP "Small Town Favorites" is up on Sound Cloud and will be available on iTunes next week!

It might be a deviation from the Anchorless EP, but if you go back and listen to the older Stages and Stereos, this seems like a completely natural progression. The vocals are just as stunning though as Anchorless, possibly even more refined. I definitely take to this song, being from a small town as well and knowing the exact feeling in the message and lyrics, but I think it's relatable for anyone who's wanted to be more.

The guys will also be be hitting the road in the Florida/Georgia area for a couple of shows, supporting Truth or Consequence (a side project from Brook Betts of Mayday Parade). I'll be hitting the Atlanta show for sure.

If that's not headed your way, don't fret. Just last week it was announced that they'll be supporting Mayday Parade as part of the Glamour Kills Tour. Also on the line up is Man Overboard and Cartel. As if you even had to ask, I'll be there as well.

While any tour is a big deal, in a way this one is bigger. There's obvious ties between Mayday and Stages, including front man, Daniel Lancaster's, voice backing brother Jason on "Jamie All Over" off the studio album, but this isn't just any old friends getting together to tour. The unsigned band out of Tallahassee is taking their show on the road, joining up with three of the hardest working bands in the genre. I don't think there's a moment when Mayday isn't on tour, I knew Man Overboard's logo long before I fell into their sound. And Cartel, you know them from when they released Chroma almost a decade ago. It's huge news, and I couldn't be happier.

Get out there and catch these guys in concert and trust me, you won't be let down. And get your hands on the EP when it comes out next month!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our Last Night - Summer of Covers

I've got a new band that had caught my eyes and ears (yes eyes too) and while my inner rager kid loves a good screaming song, they massively pulled me in with their covers.

I know.

Covers you say. They aren't creative. They aren't original. Fair enough but there's something original about turning Rhianna's "Stay" into an alt rock, dueling vocals masterpiece. There is. So far they've dropped covers of "Stay" and Justin Timberlake's "Mirror" into songs I actually enjoy. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Then give the rest of their stuff a listen. You won't regret it.

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