Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Young Statues Release Acoustic EP

As if I couldn't get excited enough to see Young Statues next week in Atlanta, they've released an Acoustic EP with some changes to the songs off their self titled album. Two songs in and I'm already drooling on myself. So perfect.

Grab it at their bandcamp page for a 'name your own price' download or just stream it.

After you fall in love? Catch them on tour with Mansions and A Great Big Pile of Leaves. I'll be at the Atlanta show!

Feb Photo A Day - Catch up again

I keep forgetting to post! But the pictures are up on my instagram (winglesswarrior) so feel free to follow me there.

Day 23 - Your shoes

What a perfect day for a picture of my shoes! It was warm out which meant sandals. I was driving, so my Chacos got some air. They might be ugly but I love them. They're super comfy, super durable and who cares if I look like a freak with them on. Also, perk of warm weather? My tattoo gets display.

Day 24 - inside your bathroom cabinet

I was traveling so my bathroom cabinet wasn't an option. The travel-carry-along version was, so inside my bag! (Confession: I travel with far more products than I use on a daily basis. I have no idea why this is.)

Day 25 - Green

I just thought this looked cool

(At this point I'm still behind, but I'll add the others later.)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Feb Photo a Day - 19, 20, 21, 22

Another catch up post. Oops

Day 19 - something you [don't like] to do

Not going to elaborate.

Day 20 - handwriting

It's actually not the best example of my handwriting, but I like what it says. To do list for my road trip that starts this week. So excited for that.

Day 21 - a fave photo of you

From camp! I think AJ looks cuter than me, but I do look cute with my tie dye and my tongue sticking out. What can I saw camp is good for me.

Day 22 - where you work

I cheated. I don't work here, but Champ does and I went to visit him today for lunch and a walk around the zoo checking on the animals. So there you go, it's where someone works at least.

30/30/30 Outfit 18

I had to switch out an item. I know. Massive cheat, but I tried on the green henley shirt three times and it just didn't feel good. I was uncomfortable. So it went into the Goodwill pile and this shirt replaced it.

30/30/30 Outfit 18-1

It's a graphic tee, three quarter sleeved, a little billowy. I like what is says (East Coast Rowing Team) mostly because I did row. Definitely love that.

30/30/30 Outfit 18-2

The blue cardigan added an extra layer for warmth. It was a nice day, but the breeze made it too cool for one shirt.

dark skinny jeans + 3/4 sleeve graphic tee + blue cardigan
with - beige shiny flats

Album Review: Wilder Child of a Thousand Suns by Barely Blind

In keeping with reviewing bands that randomly add me on twitter, I present to you, Barely Blind. Another band in the 'alt punk' genre (I'm making up my own genre because I'm seriously not sure what else to call them and this one doesn't seem to 'exist' yet even though it does exist).

The first track on Wilder Child of A Thousand Suns, "Silver Lake", sounds a touch forced, trying for that different sound and struggling through it. "Can't Expect" though takes a better turn, something more truthful lingering behind it.

The whole album has a good solid beat. It's not entirely original, but just as good as anything else with that sort of sound. In a way though, it's safe, not daring to try something different, at least not until the title track. That song takes a different route, pairing strong guitars with an ethereal feel to the vocals. The overall feel brought my attention back to the music, which I have to admit got distracted as the music started to just blend into the background. Good background music, but not something that was sticking with me. Not until that title track.

"Purgatory Creek" caught my attention as well, but not in the best direction. It seems to be trying to hard, mixing too creative guitar parts, with vocals that don't blend properly. It's a shame, because the talent is obviously there, but the song not blending well takes away from that. As a result the song feels like an earsore that takes away from the flow of the album.

Overall, not a bad album, but not quickly becoming my favorite or anything like that. Worth checking out though, see what you think. You can stream the album on their website and check them out on twitter.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

30/30/30 Outfits 16 & 17

Outfit 16

30/30/30 Outfit 16

Dressed for church and needing to look nicer, I went with the sparkly short sleeved sweater and black pants. Had to add the tank top to keep from flashing midrif (no one wants that).

sparkly sweater + black twee skinnies
cheat - white tank top
with - silver ballet flats

Outfit 17

30/30/30 Outfit 17-1

A touch more creative, but I was feeling it today with it being sunny out and such.

30/30/30 Outfit 17-2

I like the juxtaposition of girly skirt plus tomboyish shirt. I did get a bunch of weird looks at the mall today, but that's just because they know nothing.

baseball tee + frou frou skirt
with - black leggings and silver ballet flats

Sunday, February 19, 2012

30/30/30 Outfit 14 and 15

I was sans internet for the weekend so behind on updating my pictures for both projects, but here you have it, two of the outfits from the weekend.

(also a new photo local which was Champ's family's house.)

Outfit 14!

30/30/30 Outfit 14-2

casual day with driving around so something comfortable.

30/30/30 Outfit 14-3

(okay I'm a little silly.)

30/30/30 Outfit 14-1

baseball tee + dark denim skinnies

Outfit 15!

30/30/30 Outfit 15-1

Champ's brother's finacee had a wedding shower which meant I needed to dress it up a little bit. I love this top, picked it up at Target as well. It was a little bit ridiculous, but I sort of like the way it looks. Paired with the black tweed skinnies, I looked pretty darn cute. And thin. I got lots of compliments.

30/30/30 Outfit 15-3

maroon ruffly top + striped tank + black tweed skinny pants

Feb photo a day catch up

Day 16 - something new
We tried a new restaurant! Antico and it was amazing. Great authentic pizza.

Day 17 - time
5:56 pm and the sun was out. And we were stuck in traffic.

Day 18 - drink
I'm not a bourbon drinker but this is supposed to be the good stuff. Champ's brother brought it with him for the weekend.

Friday, February 17, 2012

30/30/30 - Outfit 13

30/30/30 Outfit 13

(I look tired, what happened?)

Black on black, but I added the lace to break it up a little, which I think has a nice effect. Starting to not love this shirt though, which makes me sad.

black flowery shirt + black skinny jeans
cheat: lace trimmed tank top
with: silver ballet flats

Video for "Misery" by The Maine

As if The Maine wasn't giving the world enough of their darker side with the Pioneer album as a whole, they decided to throw out all the stops for their first video off the album. The video is for "Misery", which I must admit after I kept the album in the car for a good three weeks, was one of my favorite tunes. It's a dark song, hitting a chord in feeling that not many artists since Alanis Morisette's Jagged Little Pill era have really been able to master.

But The Maine nails it.

And then releases an extremely dark video to go with it.

First things first, I like the video. I love the dark feel, the look of pain in Kennedy's face with they cut to him stuck in the car, that way that John's propensity for oversized undershirts seems to actually fit the moment. I love the way it's shot.

My complaints lie somewhere with the fact that we don't see much of the other guys outside of dark shots inside the car they can't get out of, and I can almost see the fan girl fic that's going to come across my computer screen about John being tied up. (Face it, bad fic is out there. We do best to just accept that and move forward.)

Still..the feel is perfect. It's intoxicating to watch, fire and pain mixed with depression and angst. Great video. Really great video.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feb Photo a Day - Day 15

Day 15 - Phone

So for phone, it only made sense to put up a picture of my lock screen of my phone. Life with the iPhone right? The picture is tattoo #6, and still my favorite tattoo. I love it. I'm still in love with Bryan's handwriting and the way it came out. It looks better now all healed, but I have't taken a good photo of it.

New Single From Tyler Hilton - "Prince of Nothing Charming"

Tyler Hilton just released his new single, "Prince of Nothing Charming" and after two listens I'm in love. Tyler's music has always been a favorite of mine since his first stint as Chris Keller on The CW's "One Tree Hill" and his "Tracks Of" album has gotten plenty of play time on my iTunes.

The new single is a home run out of the park. As always, Tyler's lyrics hit home, describing that real relationship, not the fairytale or the dream, but the real moments in life and "Prince of Nothing Charming" does just that. It's a story of not being perfect, but how sometimes that's what the best of being with someone else is.

The music lends to Tyler's voice, the different tone that he has, which seems to have gotten rougher and better with time. I'm in love. And it's on repeat.

Pick it up on iTunes. You won't regret it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

30/30/30 Outfit - 12

30/30/30 Outfit 12-1

Not my favorite pictures. Valentine's Day meant I went with pink and since I had sort of a chill day (we did dinner at Five Guys as our 'date' and watched a movie at home) I went with something simple.

30/30/30 Outfit 12-2

pink henley tee + dark skinny jeans
cheat: black tank top
plus: striped scarf and converse low tops

Feb Photo a Day - Day 14

Day 14 - Hearts

A Valentine's Day Playlist

It's Valentine's Day, Singles Awareness Day, or just a Tuesdays. However you want to think about it. It justified a play list. So here you are my vday playlist, filled with romance, angst and some feel good stuff.

Hang in there and enjoy your day, no matter how you celebrate. Love yourself, love a friend, love your pet, love your family, love your significant other, just make an effort to show some love today. You'll feel better for it.

VDay Playlist on Spotify

30/30/30 - Outfit 11

30/30/30 Outfit 11-4

A busy day for me, including coffee with my most stylish friend, Ally. Which means skirt and leggings against the cold and my jacket over the top. The jacket wasn't really part of the outfit but I love my coat so I'm going to show it off. I like the way this looks for sure, kind of dirty rockstar hipster kid.

30/30/30 - Outfit 11-1

30/30/30 Outfit 11-2

30/30/30 Outfit 11-3

vintage flannel + baseball tee + denim skirt
with: leggings, black boots

Feb Photo a Day, Days 11, 12, 13

I got a little behind in posting up my photos. Sorry about that! My parents were in town and they took up a lot of my time.

Day 11 - Something that makes you happy

Two somethings!

First, I found a cool star napkin holder at IKEA and I love stars. It's was silly but for $2 it made me smile.

The other part...well he always makes me happy. So Champ gets added into the mix

Day 12 - Inside your closet

My closet is a mess. It's actually spilling out of the closet in a pile of shoes. But that's my life. And cleaning it up first would be cheating right?

You can barely see them, but my doc martens are there. I'm so cool.

Day 13 - Blue

It's blue + cookies I made for Valentine's Day tomorrow. And yes that's a rocketship. I promise it applies to Valentine's Day.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

30/30/30 Outfit 10

30/30/30 Outfit 10

1/3 of the way through!! I was feeling like multiple patterns today which means my black flowery shirt over the flowery thermal tee. Comfy, casual and good for traipsing around IKEA (where the photos were taken) and going out to dinner with my parents to celebrate their anniversary (which is on the 14th).

It was cold like real winter which meant my coat too.

30/30/30 Outfit 10-2

flowery black top + flowery thermal tee + light skinny jeans
with - winter coat + black boots

Friday, February 10, 2012

Feb Photo a Day - Day 10

Day 10 self portrait

Well... This is me.

30/30/30 Outfit 9

30/30/30 Outfit 9

Not my best day for photos, but I spent the day running around not getting dressed and cleaning the house (it doesn't look that much better).

Easy day for dinner with my parents, easy outfit in turn. A cheat added as well with the navy short sleeved shirt on underneath the green shirt

green Converse stuff + dark skinny jeans
added: blue short sleeve shirt under

30/30/30 Outfit 8

30/30/30 Outfit 8-2

Alright so this one, looks a lot like another outfit, but it is different. Lighter jeans and the striped shirt kind of glamed it up some for a day of thirfting. (Which as a successful trip by the way. I found a gift for my future sister in law's shower next week and only spent about $25. That's a success in my book.)

30/30/30 Outfit 8-1

striped boatneck + lighter skinny jeans + chunky cardigan

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Feb Photo a Day - Day 9

Day 9 - Front Door

My front door. I feel like this is very self explanatory. Home sweet home.

Happy Birthday Josh!

This is Josh, my little brother who isn't exactly all that little. He's younger though and at one point in my life I was of the firm belief that he was going to stay smaller because I was older. Older meant bigger for sure. This warning had also come from my father who liked to remind me regularly as I was dragging or bossing him around, that one day he'd be bigger and not let me get away with all that.

Sometimes he still does. It's kind of nice.

Josh turns 25 today! I hate to think what that means about how old I a, but hey, it's kind of a big deal for him. Surviving 25 years and all is an accomplishment (especially given the large number of threats of 'I'm going to kill him' that just I alone gave).

I get mushy on him all but never, so I'm going to today. It's his birthday after all. Josh is one of my best friends. I know every sibling says that, but for a long, long time it was just Josh and I agains the world. We never grew up with cousins close to our age, we didn't have those parents who brought other people's children on vacation with them, we moved around as kids a couple of times and even when you're moving back some place you lived before, there's an adjustment period where you're sort without other friends. I always had Josh.

Neither one of our parents are super close to their siblings. Part of that is age, part of that is distance and in some cases, there's just little that they have in common. Josh and I, no matter how far apart geographically we got have been determined not to be that. And so far, we've done a good job. We don't have a ton in common some days. I was a geek, one who blew through math and sciences in school and struggled to focus long enough to make it through one two hour marching band practice. Josh, struggled through math, studied in high school and had mastered more instruments by the time he was 18 than I will ever. (I still can only kinda play one.) He has the talent, the photogenic-ness and most days the good looks too. It's sort of unfair.

There are few people in the world that I can say that I honestly look up to. I admire people, sure, but there are very few that I go "Yeah I wish I was as awesome as they are in this." Josh is one of those people. He is, much to my own personal disappointment, probably way cooler than I am, far more interesting and slightly less obsessive. He's a hell of a lot braver than I am without a doubt and when it comes down to it, he's gonna save my ass, not the other way around.

Josh is the kind of little brother who when you call and try and convince him to go with you to a show in Rhode Island, he takes you. He's the guy who stands behind you the first time you consider going to talk to Bryan and he gives you a push and demands to know what you're afraid of. (He used this same tactic to get me on the Tower of Terror in Disney World. "This girl is seven and she's not scared. What are you scared of?" The third time I rode that ride, when I came off of it crying? He was the one who put his arm around me.) To say he's to blame for the start of all this? It's probably true. He's to blame for an awful lot of it.

Still, it's his birthday, so today, we are nice to him. Today we love him just a little more than usual.

Happy Birthday Little Man.

30/30/30 Outfit 7


Oh not my best photo for sure, but what can you do. Champ looked annoyed that I'd handed him the camera.

I liked this little brown camisole, something pretty and flowery which was lovely for a sunny day (it's not feeling like winter here yet. I'm worried what's coming since the groundhog saw his shadow). The blue cardigan has tiny polka dots, sou I'm considering it pattern mixing (!) and being proud of myself.

brown camisole + blue polka dot cardigan + dark skinny jeans

and bonus photo of Champ. Just because it came out great.


Feb Photo a Day - Day 8

Day 8 - Sun

Another beautiful day. Absolutely gorgeous day really. Perfect for a 'sun' theme for a photo.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feb Photo a Day - Day 7

Day 7 Button

This button was my morning. And my lack of a desire to get out of bed.

30/30/30 Outfit 6

No plans today which means...nothing fancy.

30/30/30 Outfit 6-1

I am not terribly pleased with these photos, but they aren't awful. I just think I look a little rough. That is the day though.

30/30/30 6-2

Another cheat today as well. The white tee under the sweater seemed like a decent choice for the day

chunky cardigan sweater + black denim skinnies
paired with white tee

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