Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Endless Summer Releases Video For "Satellites"

The Endless Summer, whom I've developed quite the soft spot for, released their video today for their new single "Satellites".

The video is done by Jon Kilmer, who manages to capture that fall romance feel in the sunset shots.

I'm in love with this song, it's one that I tend to hit 'repeat' on before going to whatever comes after it. And the video isn't a let down with the stunning shots and a softness. I like the shots at night with the car headlights in the background. That has a beautiful feel to it, one that harkens to the stars and satellites that fill the lyrics. I had a small internal smirk of how much Nick, the lead singer, looks so much like a blonder Martin Johnson (of Boys Like Girls), though some of that is blamable on the wardrobe. (I've seen photos of Martin from their OP Tour days in a similar blue plaid shirt and collection of necklaces.)

It's a beautifully shot video, with flashes of Nick's smile that could melt cold hearts, and the guys in general just looking as talented as they are. I do have to admit that I was shocked to see just how much taller than everyone else Tyler is (even when he's standing in the background he towers over everyone!).

I'm so excited to see more coming from these guys, and they have even more planned on the horizon. Keep an eye out, they're close to being a household name.


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