Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's Playing?

Starting a new Thursday post with what's been playing for me music wise lately. Maybe you'll find something new. I'm always taking suggestions as well.

Symphony Soldier by The Cab

The physical album finally came in the mail and I quickly popped it into the car stereo and have been pumping that for the drive to and from work. It's a great album, which I thought when I first gave it a listen through, but now with continued listens, I'm still in love with it.

It's a poppy album and a sound that reminds me of Maroon 5 without actually being Maroon 5 (not that there's anything wrong with Maroon 5). It has that same sort of unique bright sound that they have and the flow of "Bad" into "Endlessly" then "Animal" is possibly my favorite part of the cd.

If you haven't checked them out yet, do it. Also check out the video for the single "Bad" which is...well you'll know when you see it. I personally find it adorable.

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I've been digging up the old stuff at work lately, tossing the iPod on shuffle until it hits something I want to listen to. The past few days have been filled with Something Corporate and Boys Like Girls.

If you haven't relived the early 2000s with Something Corporate yet, do it. If you're a fan at all of Jack's Mannequin, you'll love what Andrew was working on before he was part of JM. If you already know SoCo, go put on "Konstantine" and fall in love again.

BLG is, if you haven't guessed yet, a standard go-to for me, but that doesn't mean I don't love it any less. I started off with "Broken Man" and went from there. I can't get over how good this band was, even on their first album. Martin, Bryan, Paul and John are some of the most talented artists out today and all four of them in the same place is just perfect. Here's hoping they come around and give us more music as BLG, but even if they don't? I'm more than excited for everything they touch in the future.

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tip: for more info on the other things the guys from these bands are up to follow @BryanEMB, @JohnBLG, @paulBLG, @martinsays and @jacksmannequin

I'm usually late to any party, but I've been rocking a lot of This Century while running. I'm really in love with songs like "Loud" and "Hopeful Romantic"

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Review: Anchors - 2011 EP

I think I find more bands that just happen upon me on twitter than anywhere else. I can't even begin to tell you how the guys from Anchors decided to add me to the people they follow, but they did (probably because I talk about a million other local Boston bands). It was one of those things where I went: "aww they follow me." Honestly I thought little else, but then bored I looked more into it. Last night I finally got around to downloading the EP (I know, crime).

You know that feeling we've all been getting lately that alternative music is dead? Where everything sounds the same? Where sure, bands are coming out with new music, but it's still not any good or it sounds like the last album they released? Anchors might just be the break from that.

It's green, but that comes with a demo. Demo's are supposed to be green. But it's there, the potential, the talent. The first few lines of "Phantoms" hooked me not just because of the sound or lyrics, but the singer's voice. And it keeps hooking. It's an alternative sound with a singer who can actually sing (I know, unheard of). "The Weight of a Hummingbird" has a riff or two that reminds me of Tool, which I find a good thing. That's probably my favorite aspect of Tool and to echo it is definitely a good way to keep me hitting repeat on the song.

The lyrics are angst ridden but not whiny. The music itself is well put together, not trying to be something more than it should be. And the last 30 seconds of "Weight" is a little bonus piano bit, that I swear made me catch my breath. Perfect.

They are working on putting together some dates this fall and I am really looking forward to trying to make it up to Boston to see them. I have a good feeling they're even better live.

Pick up the EP for yourself here. And follow them on twitter. Really sweet guys as well.

Happy Engagement Anniversary!

Champ messaged me at work saying he felt terrible that he'd forgotten what day last Sunday was and I have to admit I was more than a little confused. I had to sit there, stare at the computer and try to sort out what day it could be. Not the anniversary, that's next week. Then it dawned on me.

Champ remembers what day of the year he proposed on.

And I don't.

I'm not sure which is more shocking. Probably neither. There's some massive standard role reversal going on there.

To celebrate, he brought home a treat from Cami Cakes. A delicious treat.

We got strawberry shortcake, cinnamon swirl, red velvet and cotton candy (seriously this man loves me). Absolutely delicious. So here's to 3 years!! And cupcakes!! (I think all things should be celebrated with cupcakes now. It's official.)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Is Today Over Yet?

Meag re-posted my lost generation post on her blog. She liked it so much she decided it needed to a be a guest post for her blog. I was a little amused but pleased. I even offered to write something else but she liked it enough to re-post. Who am I to stop her?

Find of the century last night:

Yup. Giant Archiver's theme crop going on in the Mall of America. GIANT. I can't explain how thrilled I was to find that. Too bad I'm here for work and I couldn't participate. But they were having an 'outpost' sale which was full of cheap deals and I might have gone and splurged. Though I made out pretty good (like an inch thick stack of Basic Grey paper for $25?). Now to drag it home from Minneapolis.

On the topic of that, I'm really, really needing it to be the weekend. This has been a terribly long two weeks, with this one being worse than the last. I'm very ready to be going back to Atlanta. (Though the how is interesting and will earn it's own post I'm sure.)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Being a Grown Up

Why did I agree to this again?

I was on twitter a couple weeks ago and Travis, my favorite twitter person and of Ghost Thrower fame, posted the simple: "When did you begin to confuse stress with accomplishment?" (Go follow him he tosses out jewels like this all the time. And he's adorable.)

I was all huffed up and then I went...shit. He's right. When did we do that? When did we decide that the more stressed out we were the more successful we were? Why does successful mean our jobs stress us out out to the point of being sick? Of working twenty-four hours a day seven days a week?

I love technology, I really do. I love my IPhone and the constant access it gives me to my email, my online friends, etc. But at the same time, the work blackberry they gave me means my work has free reign to contact me whenever they want. That said I'm not terribly the best at having it with me at all times on the weekend or evenings and I've let it die before and not bothered to recharge it. (My own little rebellion when I know full well my personal cell is listed in our directory.)

And that blackberry? It's considered an accomplishment to be given it. It's supposed to be something that only those at a certain rank are given. Congrats on your promotion here's the tether to work.

I've said more than once that I wish I was had less to contribute to the world than being rather smart. That if all anyone expected of me (and that I'd be satisfied) with doing is working at Starbucks. I think I'd be happier. Those people seem happier.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Lost Generation

I've started to find the generation divides very interesting though the more I look into it the less that I can actually find out about my own generation.

The problem is, we kind of get lumped everywhere. Born in 1983, I and my peers, are too young to be part of Generation X though there are aspects of that generation that I'm sure we identify with. For a while we were referred to as Generation Y, but that terminology has died out and now is trying to lump our age group in with those who are identified as "Millenials" which doesn't seem accurate at all.

The Gen Xers are the historical generation, old enough to remember so many major historical events of the late 70s and the 80s, while us Gen Ys are too young to remember even those early 80s details. (I'd be hard pressed to believe anyone my age or younger actually remembers some of the early to mid 80s details. I don't remember the Challenger explosion, not at all.)

The Millenials are marked with the influence technology has had on their lives, which is why the younger generation fits the bill so much better. Most have always had easy access to computers, if not at home then at school for sure. Most have always been aware of the internet and probably have little to no memories of life without it. As part of Gen Y I vividly remember getting our first computer as well as the first time we connected to the internet. That said though, it's not as if we aren't tech savvy. We were the first group on Facebook and Myspace, both websites being birthed while we were in college and had access to those sorts of things. I remember that my college was far more upscale than some of the other college choices of my classmates because a computer was required at the start of our first year. Not everyone else had one. We also had T10 internet connection, which I think changed my life.

We are the first users of the MP3s, the original kids who brought the Mac nation into what is is now and not the crappy computer lab computer I had that didn't have a mouse that worked properly. Yet at the same time we're different than these Millenials with their iPods in high schools and phones that do more than make phonecalls. We had all that as college students, now as adults. The kids born in the 90s have a completely different lifestyle, just like we have a completely different one from those born in the 70s.

We are the lost generation, the ones bridging the gap between one and the other and as time goes forward we become more and more lost. Our older counterparts are getting into Wii's for the exercise benefits and the younger counterparts are kicking our asses in Halo online. Though at the same time, we're the gamers with six different console systems spanning 20 years worth of gaming (at least that's the case at my house).

We're hard workers who are quickly finding that our college degrees that we strove so hard to get aren't exactly what we want to do with the rest of our lives. So many of us have taken on things that we were told to love, told to expect and find ourselves on the brink or at 30 without feeling like we've accomplished much at all. We were raised with the idea that we can be whatever we want to be, we just never really sorted out what that was.

That said we're not an entirely unhappy group of people. Those I know in the lost generation find pleasure in some of the oddest things, things our younger friends take for granted or our older friends just don't get. Our hobbies are too old for us, or too young for us. We blog like mad about...everything. It's a constant attempt to catch up but another attempt to send things back to the old ways. That's life in limbo though isn't it?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11

I am struggling as I start to write this. Partially because 9/11 was such a tragic event in my life, one that has left an imprint on my mind, but also because it's hard for me to get caught up in the hype. I think for me, the wish had been that by the time we reached the ten year anniversary so many more of us would have moved on, that would have come out the other side a stronger, better country and at times I don't think we've done that. It makes me worry even more.

We are afraid of everything and the older generations don't trust much of anyone. They've used the attack as a justification for their distrust and their hate and it makes me nervous to put so much attention into something that I've seen breed hate. It might be different in other parts of the country but I've seen people of my parents' generation that I respect say things over the past ten years that I can't believe anyone would say. It's cheesy to quote Star Wars but fear does breed hate and hate does lead to the dark side. Ten years later I worry we're still walking a very fine line between light and dark.

Still, over the years I've realized that the story of that day from my perspective had such interesting twists and turns that it's worth telling.

The first we heard of it was in calculus I recitation (that's the Tuesday/Thursday class where you meet with the TA and do example problems and where we took all our quizzes). When the TA walked in the kids in the front of the class were talking about a plane hitting the World Trade Center and the TA actually looked at them like they were nuts and asked what movie they were talking about. When they said it was real he then told them they were nuts and shook his head, starting the class.

It must have been a quiz day, maybe (Meag probably remembers better than me, we were in the same class, but not the same recitation I think) because we were out early. As I got to the student center a classmate grabbed my arm, pointed to the tv and said "you won't believe what's happened" but then he walked off. When I looked up at the tv hanging in the post office it was nothing but a cloud of gray smoke, which didn't mean much of anything to me at the time. In fact it looked like the TV was broken, which wasn't unheard of. Shaking my head I got my mail and started up the stairs to go through the building and back to the dorms, and a crowd was gathered around another television. I asked someone I knew from SWARM (our spirit group for football) what was going on and he told me "a plane flew into the WTC". When I asked if it was a Cessna he corrected me and told me no a big one, 757 or something. "Well that's ridiculous. It's near impossible to maneuver an airplane that size, that close to the ground." (Snotty first year Aerospace Major at your service).

I left them, headed back to the dorms where I ran into a friend who lived in Freeman the boys' dorm attached to mine. I begged sweetly and he let me in their side door, which was a shorter walk through their hall to the annex to mine even if I was supposed to be escorted down the hall. I got about five steps inside before, Chuck, one of my friends on first floor Freeman grabs me and drags me into a room that wasn't his with two guys I didn't know. Now he's really explaining what happening to me and I watch in terror as the first tower collapses. Next thing I know I'm waking up my roommate who was still asleep, demanding she turn on the television ("Which station?" "Any station!") and I hear her lose it when she watched the replay. By the time I'd run back to my dorm she and I watched the second tower collapse together.

Classes were canceled before my 2:30 class, but it wasn't like anyone was going anyway. The university, right in the middle of Atlanta, went on lockdown and most of the kids with parents who lived in the suburbs left for home. Before I graduated I wound up seeing my college close maybe twice more and the college in KY where my parents live closed much faster than Tech did. Tech didn't close, not for much of anything. That they closed was huge. Those of us who stayed were out of town kids, or just the few who weren't afraid to leave. They sent home the entire staff, but our dinning hall staff, or the head of it at least, refused to leave. She let whoever wanted to go home go home, but the story was she said that if she left we wouldn't eat and she wasn't about to let an entire campus of kids starve out of fear. I still think she deserves a medal.

At one point I sat with Sara (my roommate) and friends from first floor Freeman, huddled in one room, all of us in shock, all of us sitting closer than normal, all of us shaking no matter the strong fronts we all put on.

To say that everything changed is an understatement. Even now, I live with it every day. I work for an airline, I'm working on a new configuration for an aircraft and we're discussing procedures and additional securities to keep the cockpit secure. I walk through TSA more than most. I know all of it. I don't need a special day to remember it, I live it constantly.

Still, there are some interesting moments to my story. That room with the two guys I didn't know that I was pulled into? One of the guys, Kevin, would years later become one of my best friends. We never met when he lived in the hall next to me, but third year in college we'd become fast friends, date for a while, but stay best friends. He remembers Chuck grabbing some random girl and her standing in his room for a while watching the coverage with them. It took us a few months to figure it out, but it was each other. Call it fate, call it chance, but it's interesting to me.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dragon*Con 2011

Labor Day weekend is typically a completely crazy weekend in Atlanta. There's plenty of sporting events (the Braves, the Falcons, the NASCAR race), not to mention all the normal Labor Day activities with sales and that last pull of summer being celebrated.

Downtown Atlanta is something else entirely though. Labor Day weekend is host to Dragon*Con, the largest science fiction and fantasy convention in the Southeast. These type of cons are getting more attention with ComicCon drifting into the mainstream, but it pulls a bigger and different crowd than Dragon*Con.

Unlike its counterpart, D-Con has a smaller, homey feel despite the large numbers it pulls in from all over the US. It doesn't have tracks sponsored by different networks or things like that which keeps the amount of commercialization to it to a minimum. The different tracks will try to cater to what's new and hip this year, provided their track does appeal to that. The Young Adult track has brought in Twilight actors and Harry Potter actors, the X-track this year brought in Supernatural actors (for the first time!), but that isn't always the case. There's always someone from Star Trek, usually a few former Star Wars actors as well. Beyond that there's comic book writers/illustrators, costume designers, voice actors or just people who have done actual research in the scifi field.

I wasn't sure I would be able to go this year, not up until the last hour, which meant I grabbed my ticket the day of, but that was fine. Armed with my 3 day pass, I let myself into the fray. Thankfully it was a lesser year for me, with very few of my fandoms represented with new actors (I saw Tom Felton speak last year and the people from True Blood I remember from the first season), so I wasn't as worried about not getting to do the entire weekend.

The first year I went I spent most of the time hanging out with one of my favorite actors, Thomas Dekker, and missed out on most of the panels that weren't his (not that his weren't great). Last year I made more of an effort to go to different panels. This year was almost strictly panels and not much else.

My favorite was probably the Supernatural panel with Misha Collins just because he's downright hilarious. The two women with him were funny too, but I think he helped that quite a bit. For those who don't watch the show, the last season ended with his character, Castiel, declaring himself God (trust me, that's so random it's not a spoiler). It of course yielded a million comments about him being God which made for even more fun.

I also dropped in on another panel run by my former TA from Computer Science at Tech. We'd kept in touch over the years via the online journalling, but had lost touch. I was glad I randomly spotted him. He's a sweet guy, always has been and I really enjoyed the panel he put together on real life super heroes. Surprisingly enough there was a real life super hero at the panel, and he spoke a little bout what that's like. It seems a little ridiculous, but it was really interesting.

As always though, a fan favorite are the costumes. Every year I talk myself out of dressing up (unless Cressie shows up with a costume for me), and every year I regret it. Next year we'll do something fun and big.

Cressie, my little sister in my sorority and one of my bridesmaids, went all out again this year. She made our costume from a few years ago, and we were picture perfect Beaux Baton school girls from Harry Potter.

This year she coaxed her fiance into dressing as zombie Prince William and Kate in their wedding garb (both of them actually look the parts really well).

For the parade and Saturday she was dressed as one of the USO girls from the new Captain America crew. Apparently they started on Facebook and developed a whole crew of girls all over who did the costumes up. There was a large crowd of them in the parade as well.

My favorite though was Sunday's outfit. Sometimes I think this girl's creativity has no bounds.

Yes, you're seeing that right. She's dressed as the credits from the intro to the Star Wars movie. Her little clutch had the blue font with "a long time ago in galaxy far, far away" and her fascinator in her hair had a little battlestar ship. It was awesome.

Now the bar's been raised for next year. There's my hope always to dress as characters from Terminator, but it isn't easy to do the resistance fighters and be recognizable. Maybe if I put more time into it. We'll see. I'm open to suggestions if you have them though.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Massive Fail

She hasn't called me out on it, but I missed a day. What's worse is I wrote the whole thing up just needed to add photos last night and completely forgot. I'm sorry. You'll get three posts today then, something from yesterday, something for today and this massive apology for being scatter brained.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hello Minneapolis

I'm a drawing a blank on what to write about so I figured, since I'm sitting in a hotel room, I might as well talk about the adventure that is coming to Minnesota for work this time around.

I've got an airplane in prototype (the first airplane to have the modification done) and all went well for the first part of the weekend. Of course, because it's a holiday, I didn't get to spend my holiday in a normal way but instead fly into Minneapolis Monday (Labor Day) afternoon to work all evening.

Of course by all evening I mean I was on the airplane from about 8pm to 2am with only a break to go get pizzas for the guys working (which was the most productive thing I did while there.) I wound up crashing out cold and getting up the next morning to work a full day. Not my idea of a good time.

After though I took Lisa, one of my coworkers, to the Mall of America because she's never been. I find it beyond fascinating if only for the sheer size and quantity of stores. There's stores for everything. We passed a store that sold socks. That was it. Tell me that isn't baffling.

There's still another full day of work, but hopefully I will be able to get out by the last flight out and get back to Atlanta. I'd like to be home.

I must say though, at least there's no snow.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Camp Kudzu 2011 - Part 4: Pride


There is something truly amazing that goes on at camp. It's so much more than sunshine and kids laughing and trying new things (though all of those things are wonderful). Camp creates this overwhelming sense of pride in just living. In being someone who's overcome their disease to make so much of themselves, to live with it longer than people in decades past. There's this sense that the kids can do anything, anything at all, and I think they really walk away from the week with that message. They are more than diabetes, they are more than the other things they think hold them back.


And there's proof! There's living, breathing proof. Usually one day towards the end of the week at lunch or dinner we bring up all the staff with diabetes and put them in a line base on how long they've been diagnosed. There's a variety of people there (you can tell in just the photo above) and they all stand there and say how long it is they've been living and thriving with a disease that still doesn't have a cure. This is the part where I always wind up getting teared up (and I'm getting teared up now as I type). I am so proud of my friends, my camp family. who have lived with their disease for so long and have no let it stop them in anyway. That's something to be proud of more than anything else and something that even us non-diabetics can take away from camp.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Camp Kudzu 2011 - Part 3: Photography Dimensions

For the teens a camp we've started putting them in these "Dimensions" programs between dinner and their evening activities. The options vary from Arts and Crafts to High Ropes. Then we randomly assign counselors to the different activities and we get to watch the kids who aren't our normal campers have fun. I typically do the High Ropes course stuff because I love hanging out with the staff that runs it and it's such a cool thing for the kids. This year though they added a new Dimension, Photography and since I love that staffer too, I used my pull and got my name in that hat.

It was really cool to see what he taught them and to hear them talk about the different things. I wound up with a bunch of girls from my cabin, which was fun, getting to see them try and take better pictures throughout the week as a result and I got tips for myself. At the end we set up a mini studio and someone declared me model so they sat me in a chair and took my photo a million times. It was fun and Brantly, another staffer, had my camera, so I got home to a couple of gems. I really liked these and immediately changed my facebook picture.



Sunday, September 4, 2011

Camp Kudzu 2011 - Part 2: The staff

Katy and AJ
(Me and AJ)

There's always so much more to camp than the kids, which I know is admitting that in part it's not their journey, but coming back year after year to see the staff does make all the difference. They've become some of my best friends, my favorite people and more. Aly, my co-counselor was in my wedding two years ago even. Sometimes I only see them at camp, but it's worth it for the single week.

(Aly and Megan)


They are inspiring people who either do great things or have come from so little to be so much. I'm so proud of all of them, not just because of what they are but who they are. There are few people in the world as awesome as these people. I feel honored to be in their presence let alone work with them and call them my friends.

This year was a big year for new friends. AJ, who I remember as a camper and CIT, and someone I'd decided long before now was way cooler than I was, and I actually got to be friends. It started with asking about his shirt during staff icebreaker games and finding out it was the logo for Pete Wentz' (of Fall Out Boy fame) clothing line. More chatter had me going on about my tattoo (I'd gotten the day before) with Bryan's handwriting and we realized we like a lot of the same music. The more we talked the more we realized we are a lot alike and halfway through the week we were camp bffs and had my campers asking awkward questions about us. Not that it matters I was stoked to call the guy my friend, even now we keep in touch via twitter and texts. (He's got a band he's playing with now and once I have something to share I will.)

(AJ and Bethany)

We all look forward to our end of camp "post-camp meeting" where the staff gets together for drinks and camp songs and general fun. This year we had a ton of former campers who were staffers, which makes it even better. These are kids who grew up together, working together now as adults. Just a really awesome thing to be immersed in. (That and I know the top pediatric endocrinologists in Atlanta by name.)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Camp Kudzu 2011 - Part 1: My Cabin

Every summer for the past six summers, I've taken a week and spent it at my favorite place in the world, Camp Kudzu. Our camp is a camp for kids with Type 1 Diabetes (aka juvenile diabetes) where they get to spend a week doing fun camp things and learning about how best to live (and thrive) with diabetes. It's a fun environment because next to everyone has diabetes. Those of us who don't are definitely in the minority. It takes away that stigma and really let's the kids hang loose.

So every year, I break all my rules about doing outdoorsy things (as in not doing them) and I counselor for the teen girls for the week. This year I had the best co-counselors a girl could ever ask for, one of my bridesmaids, Aly, and my favorite counselor at camp, Jenn. We had the oldest girls who were a lot of repeats from my cabin last year. It was a good group and a great year. (We had one mishap and a camper went home due to an unfortunate mountain biking accident, but even she left on good albeit a little bloody, terms.)

(my two co counselors on the right)





Friday, September 2, 2011

We Always Remember the Nights We Don't Sleep

I don't go "home" often and when I do I rarely go out. I've done it a few times and they've always been weird experiences. The first time I spent the entire time getting hit on by my next door neighbor (who's older and used to drive me to school in the mornings in high school) and an old friend (who's now a rockstar) tried to make out with me. Another time I saw about sixteen people I knew from high school all of whom pretended they didn't know me. The last time I was bombarded by people who claimed to remember me, but I'm not sure that was right.

It's a weird place where my parents live. I only did high school there, not much else, but it's like any other small town. People stay there forever and do weird things. I just can't relate I guess.

I was coaxed into going out to meet up with a twitter friend in real life, and to meet another friend who I haven't seen in years. The first hour or so at the bar near the college was normal. We laughed at drunk idiots, and I got to chat with Kevin and his new girl (who I went to high school with and only vaguely remember). That was nice. I know they'll be at the reunion which makes going far more appealing again.

I got a text/tweet from other friends that a band called Sleeper Agent was playing a house party at a place called "The Manor" and at least one friend would be there (another twitter friend who I have seen in passing in real life, but we didn't meet until online after the fact). I was very much in a 'why not' mood so we did some research and found this place, hidden behind some other buildings with no descernible parking area. Actually the only way I really found it was because my twitter friend drives a bright yellow Scion and I spotted that. I drug Champ with me because he's a trooper but as soon as we walked up to the door to flash our IDs and pay our $4 cover he was not amused.

The show was in the basement, which is a dingy unfinished cellar that looks familiar if only because I've watched this video a million times and it was filmed in the same house. Sleeper Agent put on a good show and I have to say, I was a little blown away by just what it was I was watching. It was a crowd of half drunk, half stoned, smoking kids shoved into a super warm small space freaking out about a local band. It was surreal and awesome at the same time.

Sleeper Agent @ the Manor

Sleeper Agent

I went upstairs for a moment to catch a breath of air in the middle of the set (and because I thought I saw a familiar face go that way) and actually walked into the house proper. Kids were everywhere, drinking and chatting. I went out onto the front porch and was floored to see them standing around, hipster kids in their outfits, tattooed, pierced and more. I was Alice in Wonderland.

After the set I managed to catch up with Aaron, who was how I found out about the show but also the boy I got my first kiss from. It was in high school, during a movie and I've always said that one of the things that made it so perfect was that he kissed me in the movie, then a few more times after and that we really only went out maybe once after that if that. He was just poof gone from my life, which was actually fine by me. Meeting him again (after we reconnected via twitter and facebook) was interesting. He looks almost the same only skinnier and has switched his wide legged skater jeans for a pair of ripped up skinny jeans. I have to point out that he was wearing a cape. I'm not sure the reasoning behind that at all, but he was wearing it. He seemed amused to see me again, though I think his memory is hazy.

While loitering talking to Britney (my twitter friend) another familiar face came towards us and as always I got to watch Micah slow, stare and then smile when he spotted me. I think he never expects me to be where I end up and when I do it's some sort of surprise. Guess that's what happens when you date someone ten years prior and never really stay with the same group of friends. He had to run in one direction but soon he was back, hugging me and grinning explaining that the party was his doing and apparently he lives in the house. I wasn't exactly surprised because face it, the run down, filled with random art on the walls, hipster hang out was Micah to a T.

There was an odd moment of realizing that with Micah, Aaron and Champ in the same place I had three guys I'd made out with all ten ft from one another.

I had a quick chance to meet another Shultz brother, Jeremy, who's related to the other two Shultz brothers (who make up the core of Cage the Elephant). Jeremy is in the video I linked up there. He was a really sweet guy for the two seconds we chatted, but then he was running off just like everyone else.

When we finally left we reeked of smoke and worse and it was closer towards 1 am. Not terribly late and odds are the party went on for longer, but I'd been there for the music, not the party. Kind of a crazy night.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Challenge

My good friend and fellow blogger Meag jumped on messenger the other night to issue the ultimate challenge.

A post a day for the entire month of September.

The woman is crazy to think that you all care what it is that I'm posting about but I'm going to take her up on it. So expect some interesting stuff headed your way. At least it motivates me to do something in September, and Music Midtown is at the end of the month! Plus there's Dragon*Con the first weekend! I'll find something.

I think.

I hope.

But I'm not the type to back down from a good challenge. Let BlogPact 2011 begin!

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