Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hello Minneapolis

I'm a drawing a blank on what to write about so I figured, since I'm sitting in a hotel room, I might as well talk about the adventure that is coming to Minnesota for work this time around.

I've got an airplane in prototype (the first airplane to have the modification done) and all went well for the first part of the weekend. Of course, because it's a holiday, I didn't get to spend my holiday in a normal way but instead fly into Minneapolis Monday (Labor Day) afternoon to work all evening.

Of course by all evening I mean I was on the airplane from about 8pm to 2am with only a break to go get pizzas for the guys working (which was the most productive thing I did while there.) I wound up crashing out cold and getting up the next morning to work a full day. Not my idea of a good time.

After though I took Lisa, one of my coworkers, to the Mall of America because she's never been. I find it beyond fascinating if only for the sheer size and quantity of stores. There's stores for everything. We passed a store that sold socks. That was it. Tell me that isn't baffling.

There's still another full day of work, but hopefully I will be able to get out by the last flight out and get back to Atlanta. I'd like to be home.

I must say though, at least there's no snow.


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