Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Review: Anchors - 2011 EP

I think I find more bands that just happen upon me on twitter than anywhere else. I can't even begin to tell you how the guys from Anchors decided to add me to the people they follow, but they did (probably because I talk about a million other local Boston bands). It was one of those things where I went: "aww they follow me." Honestly I thought little else, but then bored I looked more into it. Last night I finally got around to downloading the EP (I know, crime).

You know that feeling we've all been getting lately that alternative music is dead? Where everything sounds the same? Where sure, bands are coming out with new music, but it's still not any good or it sounds like the last album they released? Anchors might just be the break from that.

It's green, but that comes with a demo. Demo's are supposed to be green. But it's there, the potential, the talent. The first few lines of "Phantoms" hooked me not just because of the sound or lyrics, but the singer's voice. And it keeps hooking. It's an alternative sound with a singer who can actually sing (I know, unheard of). "The Weight of a Hummingbird" has a riff or two that reminds me of Tool, which I find a good thing. That's probably my favorite aspect of Tool and to echo it is definitely a good way to keep me hitting repeat on the song.

The lyrics are angst ridden but not whiny. The music itself is well put together, not trying to be something more than it should be. And the last 30 seconds of "Weight" is a little bonus piano bit, that I swear made me catch my breath. Perfect.

They are working on putting together some dates this fall and I am really looking forward to trying to make it up to Boston to see them. I have a good feeling they're even better live.

Pick up the EP for yourself here. And follow them on twitter. Really sweet guys as well.


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