Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Album Review: Wilder Child of a Thousand Suns by Barely Blind

In keeping with reviewing bands that randomly add me on twitter, I present to you, Barely Blind. Another band in the 'alt punk' genre (I'm making up my own genre because I'm seriously not sure what else to call them and this one doesn't seem to 'exist' yet even though it does exist).

The first track on Wilder Child of A Thousand Suns, "Silver Lake", sounds a touch forced, trying for that different sound and struggling through it. "Can't Expect" though takes a better turn, something more truthful lingering behind it.

The whole album has a good solid beat. It's not entirely original, but just as good as anything else with that sort of sound. In a way though, it's safe, not daring to try something different, at least not until the title track. That song takes a different route, pairing strong guitars with an ethereal feel to the vocals. The overall feel brought my attention back to the music, which I have to admit got distracted as the music started to just blend into the background. Good background music, but not something that was sticking with me. Not until that title track.

"Purgatory Creek" caught my attention as well, but not in the best direction. It seems to be trying to hard, mixing too creative guitar parts, with vocals that don't blend properly. It's a shame, because the talent is obviously there, but the song not blending well takes away from that. As a result the song feels like an earsore that takes away from the flow of the album.

Overall, not a bad album, but not quickly becoming my favorite or anything like that. Worth checking out though, see what you think. You can stream the album on their website and check them out on twitter.


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