Wednesday, February 22, 2012

30/30/30 Outfit 18

I had to switch out an item. I know. Massive cheat, but I tried on the green henley shirt three times and it just didn't feel good. I was uncomfortable. So it went into the Goodwill pile and this shirt replaced it.

30/30/30 Outfit 18-1

It's a graphic tee, three quarter sleeved, a little billowy. I like what is says (East Coast Rowing Team) mostly because I did row. Definitely love that.

30/30/30 Outfit 18-2

The blue cardigan added an extra layer for warmth. It was a nice day, but the breeze made it too cool for one shirt.

dark skinny jeans + 3/4 sleeve graphic tee + blue cardigan
with - beige shiny flats


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