Thursday, April 16, 2009

LOs: More April C2P

Here are the rest of my C2P layouts with the April kit. Like I said in my previous post, I really had to stretch my limits with these papers in order to give things my own little twist.
This layout will go in my book of layouts about myself. Sometimes it's nice to sit down and do a reflective layout. I added the rubons in the kit to the chipboard letters after i covered it with patterned paper and ink. The white writing on the picture says "Just another day dream believer" (yes a Monkee's reference).
Another Easter card!
I made this for my friend Rachel who's moving in to her first dorm room this fall. It's simple, but will be something nice to hang up in her new space.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

LOs: April C2P

I finished a few projects with the April Commit2Paper kit!

A cute Easter card:
These papers weren't my usual style, so I felt like I had to strech myself some. Of course that made it easier to tear more paper and ink all over things.
Amy's puppy Jenny, giving her best "fierce" face.

Friends at ABC (Atlanta Brewing Company) one weekend. I actually had a ton of fun with this layout.
Some detail of the tag with ABC on it.
Thanks for looking!! I've got the rest of my layouts photographed, so expect more this week!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wedding: baker, caterer and dresses

The bridesmaid dresses are in!! I picked up Jesse and Aly's as soon as I got into town this weekend (They have the two odd out dresses so I guess theirs shipped first) and today when I got up I had an email from the store saying that the other three are in. As it's Easter Sunday and no one really believes me that David's will be open no one will let me sneak out to go get them today, but hopefully Mom will pick them up tomorrow or Tuesday.

So now I'll have five navy dresses hanging next to my wedding dress in my closet at home. My shoes came in as well so those are also stacked in the closet with everything else. One of the last times my parents were in Atlanta, I happened across a Georgia Tech garter at the GT bookstore. I'd not seen one before, but I imagine it's a spring/summer thing they only have out part of the year. I wasn't sure if that's what I want, but I didn't want to miss out if a change my mind or something so I grabbed it (it wasn't too expensive) and that's in the bag with my veil.

I also met with the baker this week and had a really great meeting. I showed her my little scrapbook embellishment and she was so excited about it and of course already had ideas. I think the whole thing will be rather simple but still elegant. Which excites me to no end as that's sort of the look I was planning for the whole wedding.

We had a quick meeting with the caterer who is a family friend and giving us a great deal (full meal buffet for just $19 a person? that's including like prime rib or something I dunno it was a good deal). Mom was excited to save some money I was just excited to be out of the woods for finding a caterer. Now I need to pick a menu (not hard, but Champ wanted to be involved in that decision). The caterer's daughter actually is getting married this spring and little brother is playing in her wedding (with the piano player he plans on getting for my ceremony). I'm a little anxious that I'm not as involved in the music as I'd like, but I trust Josh and I'm sure he'll do a great job.

Whew. sorry about all the updates. I just needed to get my head around it.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Wedding: Photographer

I spoke with my friend Chris, and he's going to do our wedding. I was worried about having him shoot the wedding as he is technically invited as a guest (given that he's dating one of my bridesmaids), but he did our engagement photos and I know he'll do a good job. Best yet he's giving us a good deal on the whole thing. Which is more than I can ask for in the end.

His website, if you want to take a look. If you scroll down a little you can see our engagement photos listing as well.

Our internet is down for an unknown amount of time. Hopefully things will be fixed by Wednesday, but I do have a stak of LO's I finished up last week to show off, most of them using the April Commit2Paper kit. As soon as I get the internet going again I'll start posting.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wedding: the dress

I've been avoiding posting these photos for a variety of reasons, the best being that my face is so not appropriate for having put on my wedidng dress. But since some of you have asked here's the dress from when I tried it on:


It's not going to have those little straps, but rather a beaded sheer cap sleeve (although this week I'm considering taking that part off. They just hook on so it wouldn't be a huge issue.) I can't remember if the veil have I have on is the actual veil i got but it's at least that small or smaller. I wanted something simple to not distract from the back of the dress which is really busy (with a train and emboridery and lacing...)

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