Monday, January 14, 2008

Peyton LOST?!

I'm still crushed about my boy Peyton's loss. So not fair and I don't think the Chargers played a good game. They just got lucky. UGH.

So Robin started a thing with a question on her blog (favorite word!) and then everyone else had questions.

So I'm adding mine to the mix....what's your guilty pleasure?

Mine? probably Friday Night Lights. I love that show.


Geri said...

Guilty Pleasures

Ohhhh ... good one!!!
Food! Hot peanut butter cookies straight from the oven
An entire pint of Baskin Robbin mint chocolate chip ice cream

Kylie said...

Madonna and Cyndi Lauper playing LOUD and screaming/singing along.

Kylie said...

I should clarify that...Madonna OR Cyndi Lauper - not them both together

Nina said...

Peyton's last play was truly sad!

scrapinlizzy said...

Guilty pleasure chocolate while trying to lose weight!!!

bobbie said...

I had to laugh... there's a column in our Friday paper that's titled "Guilty Pleasures"... OK ~ the G version would have to be melted Monterey jack cheese!

ladynurse4 said...

Dove Dark Chocolate!
Cookies, pies, cakes, swiss rolls etc you get the idea, My DH is diabetic and i need to quit bringing all that stuff home!

lara said...

guilty pleasure - singing and miming to air supply really loud like i'm on a stadium stage

Linda said...

I don't know if I can write that in public, can I? LOL :) Lets keep it clean, ummm, I'm trying here....................
OK, dark chocolate, rocky road ice cream, or wine...........YEAH!! thats it.

RobinC said...

Grey's Anatomy.

Candy-- SweetTarts, Sour Patch Kids, that sort of thing.

That's two. There are more. I'm very guilty :-)

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