Monday, January 7, 2008

good news = sticky situation

So it would seem ScrapGoods is back in business. This is a good thing. I really like the kits and the new technique each month. But I'm a big fan of Little Red Scrapbook (which I started getting in December after ScrapGoods announced that they might not come back after a January hiatus). Plus I wanted to try out a few others (like the Story of My Life kits--which I might still get an old one or two after pay day--and the It Kit). Supposedly though for Feb they are just doing an expansion kit for December's kit. which is cool enough. i like the stitching technique. I can do an alternating month in expense kit, but I really can't go full throttle with two. I mean I can but I won't get to buy anything else fun or for scrapbooking. We'll see. I've got to dig into the LRS kit a little bit more. With the moving I've actually only been able to get my hands on the December kit from ScrapGoods (LRS December got packed somewhere. I plan on finding it by this weekend to scrap some of the stuff from the Little Mermaid). I'm just not sure where to go. Especially when LRS runs up at the end of 3 months or when Scrapgoods runs up (I think I've got three more months of that).

Things are looking good for my trip to visit Amy though. I'm quite excited about meeting her. Now if I could just nail down details about meeting Lara I'll be doing great. haha.

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