Monday, September 22, 2008

Good News!

Boyfriend and I got engaged!

He proposed Thursday evening with the help of a friend or two and of course I said yes. It's very exciting to actually be planning our wedding, when we've been talking and dreaming about it since six months into the relationship.

That being said, things are a little hectic here now, but I'm still very excited to take on the wedding planning. I went out and bought an organizer plus a few other books on weddings and what to do (I always have to have a book). Any sort of links, supplies and other tips/suggestions you, my lovely readers, can provide will be much appreciated.

Currently it's not much but there is a wedding webpage, which you should feel free to check out.


bobbie said...

Congratulations, kiddo!!! I didn't know you had an AE degree!! (so does the husband!)

kT said...

haha i'm the only AE. he's a business major.

amy said...

i think bobbie meant... that her husband has an AE. hahaha.

congrats again girlie. like what you are doing with your site. lj communtiy weddingplans is decent.

kT said...

thanks amy! i've got some more scheduled posts to go up on here (it's easier to just do a few at once and set them to post every day), so expect more updates. :)

hepmomto3 said...

Congrats Katy!!!!

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