Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ringing in 2011

I am not a fan of New Year's. I never really have been. I can think of maybe three parties I've been to in the past 27 years (that weren't parents' friends parties where I was a kid at an adult party), and only 1/3 was actually a lot of fun and even then it wasn't that much fun. When I was working shifts, this was the holiday I volunteered to work because it was better than sitting at home renting sappy girly movies.

Still it's coming, no matter how hard I'm trying to fight it and 2011 is bringing me quite a bit with it. There's the rest of the 27 before 28 list to finish (I don't have updates yet, but I did get a sewing machine for Christmas from Champ so there's step one towards finishing #7), there's concerts that I want to see, at least two weddings so far to attend, family to see, friends to visit, and so much more. There's a load of work that will have me jetting around like I'm some sort of important person.

I think I'm afraid of the new year.

The thoughts of resolutions come to mind and I shake my head, not interested. I've got the 27 before 28 list, which is plenty to work with for the moment. I still have that life list to finish putting together as well. Isn't that enough than to buy into the idea that I'm going to start something fresh in the new year? I have a hard enough time getting motivated to clean my desk off.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Canvas Panels

My girls got a special gift this year because I was feeling creative despite the fact that my new townhouse is a total mess. I have a half a room dedicated to scrap things, I just haven't had the time or the motivation to really get into setting it up. It's going to be a must though because Champ got me a sewing machine for Christmas this year (!!) and now I have to get things set up so I can play with it.

Back to the girls.

I tried something different because I wanted to try another medium so I went to Hobby Lobby and bought myself some 10x10 canvas panels and painted them. I've got five total, but the last one will be mine and I haven't done it yet. But the other four came out lovely!


Each of one of the girls got a different one. Gina's was Love with the quote "love conquers all" on it.

Love Panel

(sorry for the poor quality on the photos)

Jacki's was faith. Her quote was from St. Francis of Assisi. "All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle."

Faith Panel

Jesse's was hope, with an Albert Einstein quote. "Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow."

Hope Panel

Kathleen's was dream with a Eleanor Roosevelt quote. Her's I didn't get a good photo of besides in the group shot. Everyone seemed to love them, which means I'm considering opening an Etsy shop again.

Shop or not though, I was pretty pleased with how they came out, very pleased.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Here Come the Holidays

Image source

I can't believe Christmas is finally upon us. I've been, like last year, so out of the Christmas spirit. Last year I'm not sure what I blamed, but this year it was the move. Finally with our party on Saturday, I found myself into it, cooking up a storm. I got to use my new cookie press which apparently makes cookies in bulk which might not sound too intimidating, but you aren't the one with like fifty spice cookies chilling in your house. (I took them to work to make the boys there eat them.)

The new kitchen is nothing but love and glorious amounts of space. I've never been so happy. Gina did make fun of me and point out that of all people in the world to end up with a red kitchen, I have a red kitchen (not my choice).

The girls loved their gifts, and the last one goes to the last girl tomorrow night, hopefully she enjoys hers as well. I've got photos and post to go with those because it was something new I tried on the creative side and had a great time with.

The party came with an added surprise, our friends who we've been waiting for quite some time to get engaged got engaged that morning and came to celebrate with us. There was much gushing over her ring, much toasting and overall good cheer. So very happy for David and Jacki!

Christmas shopping is almost done. We marathoned it on Sunday, cruising through the mall, Target, Borders and Bed, Bath and Beyond. I dealt with jerks in line who called the store manager to request more cashiers and screaming children, all in search of the perfect gift. I just have one more thing to get for Champ and then I'll be done. Wrapping is about fifty percent done, which is an accomplishment. We've gotten things for the family, the friends and on Thursday we load up the car and head down to Champ's homestead to celebrate the holiday with his family.

(My parents and brother will be here on Sunday as we head back to our place and spend a few days with us.)

Here's hoping the holidays find all of you happy and healthy as well as safe!! I will more than likely post some more soon, but hopefully I won't be too glued into the computer (yeah right).

Monday, December 13, 2010

Checking Things Off the List

Well not completely checking them off but making progress.

I said 12 books before 28, and so far I'm three books in (I just finished another last night).

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Stieg Larsson)
I jumped on the hype and got these books for cheap with a coupon from Borders (I've stopped opening those emails to cut down on my spending) and of course got sucked in. I'm quite enamored by the Lisbeth character, though for the obvious reasons. Social pariahs always catch my eye, plus I still have a fantasy of being a Trinity-Level hacker as well as being okay to be tattooed in obvious places. The book is full of suspense and parts of the ending just blew my mind.

(The Swedish movie is also quite good and I'm very much looking forward to Rooney Mara in the American version.)

The Girl Who Played with Fire (Stieg Larsson)
Book two of the series starts off a little slower, but towards the end builds in ways that are barely imaginable. It focuses on the troubled and difficult (but lovable in her own right) heroine and her past. By the end I was breathing heavily and far too eager to turn each page.

(Book three - The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest - is on deck, but Champ was reading it first so I had to wait for him to finish. He's done, but I'd started another book and around and around it goes. I finished the other book last night, so I should start the third tonight.)

Can You Keep a Secret (Sophie Kinsella)
This was a little cheesy and I hate counting but I finished the second book before Champ finished the third of the "Girl Who" series and I was left searching through my Kindle for what to pick up that would take less than a week to read. By the end though I was rather sucked in, enjoying the cute story of what happens when you accidentally share all your secrets with a total stranger, who, of course, finds his way back into your life. It's adorable, but lame and nothing more than a beach read. Or a read between two other books read.

Progress has been made. I'm at 3/12 and if I keep having to travel for work I'll keep making progress.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

27 Things Before 28

I finished my first list!

Don't mock the fact that I'm really, really excited about this. Remember this list? I did mine even though my birthday was a few months ago. (If you're interested Elsie just posted her 28 before 29 list). So here's mine:

Since it's probably near impossible to read my handwriting even if you click through I'll type it out neatly here for you to read through. (I will never be one of those neat handwriting types. I won "best handwriting" as a superlative in middle school and almost cried because I knew it was a complete lie. Even at 12 my handwriting was just as horrible.)

27 Things Before 28
1. Finish writing my book
2. Re-design my blog (and become a real blogger)
3. 30/30/30 Challenge
4. Start (and maintain) a book club
5. read 12 books
6. Get a new camera
7. learn to sew
8. Finish my wedding scrapbook
9. Go see a concert in another city
10. Visit 3 cities. FOR FUN
11. See Boys Like Girls. Twice.
12. Finish 2 mini books
13. photo shoot with my friends
14. wrist tattoo
15. design my back tattoo
16. Make someone something special
17. Throw a killer bridal shower
18. Visit Meag, Dave, Bob and Aly in NYC
19. Get settled in the new house
20. train to row
21. Plan a getaway with Champ
22. Wrestlemania (I already have tickets)
23. Get good with photoshop
24. Tattoo photo shoot
25. Plan a killer dinner party
26. Go dancing
27. visit my family

Now it's just a matter of crossing things off before August 22, 2011.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Little Ones

Alright, this is a little ridiculous but I want a kid.

Wait. Let me rephrase that.

I want someone I know to have a kid that I can spend time with and be involved with said kid's life. I don't actually want a child in my life. I'm very aware of the fact that children are something that I am in no way ready to devote the necessary time to and that they need to be fed more than once a day. I'm aware of all this.

But I hung out with some of my family last weekend and saw my cousin Brooke's kids Sophie and and Evan (and her stepson Asher) and I realized how much fun it must be to have an actual relationship with a child. To take their pictures and talk to them and hear what they have to say. Our new neighbors have kids but most of the time they look at me like I'm some sort of giant monster (which doesn't actually give me any sort of motivation for having kids again) and that's not really what I'm going for.

So now I'm trying to figure out who in my close circle of friends who could/should have a kid. And then convince them to do so. So far it's not working out so well. I've got two or three friends who are older than me (I can't go asking someone my age or younger right?) and they both looked at me like I was crazy.

Apparently I'm going to have to wait. Or find new friends. Or try not to be the scary lady across the street. (Really? What about me is that scary? I wasn't in a costume when I met these kids.)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Better Part of a Decade


It came out in the news today (or it got big news pull today) that Prince William has finally proposed. I know I looked at the magazine cover and the new today and thought to myself "well finally" because face it, he's been dating this girl for eons and they've been speculating about their engagement since day one.

After a moment though I took a step back and shook my head. How far have you really come? I asked myself. If this news had come out ten years ago in 2000, it probably would have been met with tears on my part. If it had come out 15 years ago I know it would have been met with tears on my part.

In middle school I had this photo (from a shoot done for what I'm guessing was about his 16th birthday? He's a year older than I am so that might be right) in 8.5" x 11" taped to my agenda (Leonardo DiCaprio was on the other side)

Funny how things change huh? I would have changed my religion (I was far more religious back then) and the music I listened to be his girlfriend. Today I just sort of shrug away his wedding plans.

Another friend made some comment about the Beatles on iTunes and how he checked and was pretty sure he had the Beatles on his iTunes for the better part of a decade. I balked at the word decade then realized I had Linkin Park and Good Charlotte on mine from the days before I even believed in iTunes. (You remember winamp right? with the cheesy anime skin?)

A decade though? I thought to myself again and then it dawned on me. The friend in particular I was talking to I've known for 9 years this January. My blogger-partner-in-crime Meag and I have been friends for 9+ years already.

Where did all this time go?

I've been thinking about the time gone, and what's left. I feel like with my 20's waning adulthood is upon me. It doesn't help that while we were standing in line to meet my favorite wrestler (you read that right yes) Evan Bourne, my friend Vitalis said the Wrestlemania ticket he was holding in his hand was something he could check off his Bucket List (or Life List if you prefer). I've been following Erin on Design for Mankind's Life List accomplishment and my other favorite blogger posted a recap of her 27 Things before 28.

I'm thinking I need one of these lists. So that's my plan. I'm making three. 27 things to do before 28 (even though I've already lost a few months, things to do before I'm 30, and a Life list. Some stuff might cross over, but some might not. Maybe I'll just make the life list and break it down.

Stay tuned for more.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cross your fingers

Good news! I have not abandoned my blog, but instead have been in the process of moving. But we're almost completely in the new place which has more space and less cost, which is as good as it gets. Even better yet, I managed to get my hands on a new computer so I'm up and editing again. I have a back log of layouts to update with and some photos from the past few weeks (as well as a tour of the new place!)

Just hold on tight!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pencil Lines Sketches!

Fun things going on over at Pencil Lines Sketches to Celebrate their birthday! I've fallen in love with the inspiration going on over at this blog.

Make sure you check it out today!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Photo Journals + Some Great News

I just joined an e-course done by Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess (and what a beautiful mess indeed. I need have a new blog crush!).

I'm so excited about this course. It's fun for me because it's got all the tutorials, but unlike an e-class, I can get everything at once which means I can work at my own pace. Or in my case out of order.

The idea of tackling a collection of photo books? I'm so excited. Now to come up with themes...

In other great news? My lil sis in the sorority and in a way my real little sister Cressie just got engaged!! She and her boyfriend Chris are in New Zealand for a post-law-school-trip (I've only read about this tradition via Meag's blog) and he finally popped the question.

I must much as I love people getting married especially my friends, this one is special for me. I met Cressie (the second time) on our study abroad trip, Chris at the same place. Back then they were only friends, but you could just see that it was going to work out. I think I gave her crap about that back then too.

When Chris asked me for help with ring information this year? I almost died of excitement and now it's happening! I can't wait. I think I actually missed wedding planning and now I got to do it again. I know that I did offer my services (for planning!) to our friend Mel who got engaged to our friend Greg (one of the groomsmen). So maybe I'm ready to do this again without the stress of my mother around. (I still love her!)

CONGRATS CRESSIE AND CHRIS! It's going to be amazing!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wary About Fall

Apparently fall has started. Of course in Atlanta fall doesn't ever actually start when it's supposed so as an area we just sort of make it work. We mix summer and fall clothes and call it good. We wear leggings with tank tops and boots with t-shirts. Like today where I have on boots that would be fine if I lived in NYC or Boston where it's actually cooler and fall-like, but with temperatures hitting 90+ degrees today I feel sorta silly wearing them. But they looked best with the skinny pants that I wanted to wear to work, so boots it is.

I've had one of those "smack you in the back of the head with at 2x4" sort of past 12-24 hours when it comes to figuring out my life. Champ and I spent the evening yesterday with a good friend of Champ's (and mine now) Tom. Tom is easily my walking example for doing what you love and ignoring the nay-sayers.

First, it's important to point out that Tom's brilliant and comes from money, but he's got a good head on his shoulders. He was slated to be uber successful anyway, but he chose his own path, which is really what makes it so damn inspiring.

But that whole college? Successful business life? Tom didn't want that. So two or three years into college he dropped out and moved to the Caribbean to sail boats. Seriously. To sail boats.

He started bar tending and met people and eventually started working on a boat that catered to the tourists who ported with the big cruise ships in St. Thomas (where he lived). In the evenings he was going to school to get his Captin's license and eventually moved up the ranks.

We chatted with him last night about what's next. He's currently working on a yacht that gets chartered throughout the year when the owner isn't using it. He works from waking to sleeping and has no home on land, but makes more money than Champ and I probably do combined. He loves every waking moment of his life.

And he's a success. Hair bleached blond grown out, a permanent tan and stories of diving, boating and traveling to places that I dream of visiting. It's...a dream life.

(not a recent photo)

But more importantly? Tom found something he loved and he did it. He misses his friends, that much I can tell. He adores Champ and considers him a brother, even if we've only seen him twice in three years. He always calls at Thanksgiving to talk to Champ. It's a thing.

Follow that up with this post from Erin at Design for Mankind (one of my favorite blogs/bloggers btw) about her trip to Might Summit, which just sounds amazing.

And I realize? What am I do with my life? What do I want to do with it?

I have no good idea. I want to write, but I don't know where to start. (I have a degree in Aerospace Engineering for God's sake). I want to create things, but I don't want to completely walk away from Math. From airplanes. To be honest? I think I'm at a crossroads and I have no idea where anything is taking me or where to even start.

So this fall? That's my goal. I'm going to put together that life list even though I don't know if there's much left on it. I'm going to really truly think about what's next for me. I can't keep treading water. It's starting to get boring.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Photo fun

I'm a huge flickr person. I love that website. Most of my photos go there because it's easier to share and then easier to use to host for photos I put up here on my blog.

Not too long ago they aligned it with picnik to edit photos. This was a god-send for me because I'm always cropping down my photos of layouts for posting.

Tonight boredom struck in the worst sort of ways. I was feeling creative, but had no urge to write (trying to work on that novel) or to actually make the ATC cards I'd started after I let my kitty play with the piece I needed and saw to it that I'd have to cut up more frames for my cards.

Photo editing to the rescue! I needed some new icons for a character in one of my games so I opened that photo up and started actually looking at the other tabs in picnik that weren't "crop", "resize" and "sharpen".

Lo and behold I found some fun stuff that you can use on the site for free (more if you pay to use it). So check out what I made:

Katy and Gina edit
I used the "cross exposure" on this one and then messed around with the "teeth whitener" touch up (might have gone a little overboard as I did that part after the over exposure). But great huh?

stylin' edit
Used that cross exposure again this time with a focal blur as well. Love the way this looks.

jedi youngling edit
Started with an orten effect, then added in the cross exposure and some softness.

Easy huh? I just messed around and now I want to mess around with wedding photos too. Maybe later...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dragon*Con continued: A Parade

The parade at D-Con is always the most fun, with everyone dressed up marching in it and lots of Atlanta coming out to see it.

Final Fantasy

Back to the future

The end is nigh

Cruxshadows Fairies

Princess Tiana



Box cut Xmen

This. Is. SPARTA

Storm Trooper kilts?


Winter Ghostbusters

Who are you going to call?

The Monarch!

She-ra! He-Man!!


The Mach 5

Speed Racer

Don't make her get hte flying steam punk monkey

It's a pirate's life for me

jedi youngling

More August C2P Layouts

I wasn't kidding when I said the mojo was back!

August C2P: mom and dad
For this one I used the Pencil Lines Sketch 202 to complete.

August C2P: mom and dad detail
A little bit of detail. I love that birdie!

August C2P: friends
Love these old photos! Used Little Shop of Sketches #69 for this one.

August C2P Scrap Therapy
Last bu not least, this one is for the first prompt over at Better Living Through Scrapbooking

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dragon*Con 2010

I think I've said it before, but I am a giant geek. I love all things geeky and in 27 years I've finally come to grips with that. I'm okay with dressing up for a convention. Hell, I'm okay with attending said convention. Last year I went for fan-girl purposes, and this year I went to have fun. My friends were there, Jacki, her sister Jessi, Cressie and Gina. Plus I made new friends while I was there.

So for the first post, we'll focus on the friends.

Cressie! Dressed as Kaylee from Firefly (the best show you didn't watch. I recommend the netflix if you aren't watching it yet).

Pam and Sookie
Jacki and Jessi as Pam and Sookie from True Blood.

Steampunk Alice
Jacki and Jessi again as Steampunk Alice in Wonderland. Jacki (on the left) is the Cheshire Cat and Jessi is the Mad Hatter.

All dolled up
Cressie on the right in one of her other costumes, this time dressed as Innara from Firefly (again...why aren't you watching it yet?). She won the Whedonverse Costume Contest!!

Rocket girl tries to blend in with cosplayers
There's me in the mix on the right. I got asked my most of my friends who I was cosplaying in that outfit, but I kept reassuring them it was just Rocket Girl, my internet persona (so in a

Katy and Gina
Waiting in line for the True Blood Panel with Gina. Here I've got my hat with ears and the Triforce logo (a Legends of Zelda reference).

I'll take the spartan
I don't actually know Russel the Spartan...but damnit I'm going to pretend I do.

And finally...I cosplayed too as a resistance fighter from Terminator.


Resistance Fighter

August Commit 2 Paper

I've got tons to show off this week so get your google reader in gear.

I'll start off my Tuesday with some layouts, even though I know everyone is itching for Dragon Con photos (those will come later!)

I was a little wary about the August Commit2Paper kit, but more because I've had mojo issues lately and not because it's a bad kit. Turns our that whatever mojo I'd lost? I found it again.

August C2P: on parade

The colors lend great to a set of photos from a Fourth of July parade, and the stars were just too much fun to cut out with the Slice.

August C2P: In a well
For this layout I used the sketch provided from Color Combos Galore though not the color combo itself.

I've been busy working with these older photos (this one using photos from freshman year in high school), which is good. I never scrapbook anything in order, which to me makes it more fun. I actually looked back through one of my albums the other day that was full of different themes and papers and I just really love the way it looks.

August C2P: Love you
Gotta toss in that love layout whenever I can. Plus it's just fun to play with wedding photos.

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