Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Here Come the Holidays

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I can't believe Christmas is finally upon us. I've been, like last year, so out of the Christmas spirit. Last year I'm not sure what I blamed, but this year it was the move. Finally with our party on Saturday, I found myself into it, cooking up a storm. I got to use my new cookie press which apparently makes cookies in bulk which might not sound too intimidating, but you aren't the one with like fifty spice cookies chilling in your house. (I took them to work to make the boys there eat them.)

The new kitchen is nothing but love and glorious amounts of space. I've never been so happy. Gina did make fun of me and point out that of all people in the world to end up with a red kitchen, I have a red kitchen (not my choice).

The girls loved their gifts, and the last one goes to the last girl tomorrow night, hopefully she enjoys hers as well. I've got photos and post to go with those because it was something new I tried on the creative side and had a great time with.

The party came with an added surprise, our friends who we've been waiting for quite some time to get engaged got engaged that morning and came to celebrate with us. There was much gushing over her ring, much toasting and overall good cheer. So very happy for David and Jacki!

Christmas shopping is almost done. We marathoned it on Sunday, cruising through the mall, Target, Borders and Bed, Bath and Beyond. I dealt with jerks in line who called the store manager to request more cashiers and screaming children, all in search of the perfect gift. I just have one more thing to get for Champ and then I'll be done. Wrapping is about fifty percent done, which is an accomplishment. We've gotten things for the family, the friends and on Thursday we load up the car and head down to Champ's homestead to celebrate the holiday with his family.

(My parents and brother will be here on Sunday as we head back to our place and spend a few days with us.)

Here's hoping the holidays find all of you happy and healthy as well as safe!! I will more than likely post some more soon, but hopefully I won't be too glued into the computer (yeah right).


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