Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wedding: trying on dresses

Wedding dress round 1: the favorite

So this is the dress that's currently the favorite. I tried it on this weekend over at David's Bridal and I really loved it, but I'm still not 100% sold. In addition there were two others that I liked because they were similar and just as elegant but simple. Photos are up on flickr if you're interested. I really do love the rouching along the front though. Gives it something extra without it being too much.

I just can't consider myself sold yet though because I want to try on something closer to the style of dress that I posted earlier when I was thinking about ideas. They didn't have a huge selection at David's in the giant size the woman made me try on so I had a hard time finding something that was a strapless dress. Hoepefully I'll try another place or two and find something else I like. Or I'll just go with this.

I do know that I don't want more dress than there is bride and I do know that I'm pretty sure I don't want a train. I really loved the two dresses I put on without one and I think that might be the best direction to go in.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday Mosaic - Revolution

1. VIVE LA RÉVOLUTION, 2. Projekt Revolution 8/1/08, 3. revolution is coming, 4. Portrait of a revolution..., 5. revolution, 6. dreams are revolutions., 7. shirt_revolution, 8. revolution [EXPLORE!], 9. revolution

I'm not sure why I picked "revolution" as this Tuesday's theme, but when I got on flickr with the intent of searching for something inspirational, the word just popped into my head. I think it works though.

The official definition for "revolution" is:
1. an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed.

2. Sociology. a radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure, esp. one made suddenly and often accompanied by violence.

3. a sudden, complete or marked change in something: the present revolution in church architecture.

4. a procedure or course, as if in a circuit, back to a starting point.

5. a single turn of this kind.

6. Mechanics.
a. a turning round or rotating, as on an axis.
b. a moving in a circular or curving course, as about a central point.
c. a single cycle in such a course.

7. Astronomy.
a. (not in technical use) rotation (def. 2).
b. the orbiting of one heavenly body around another.
c. a single course of such movement.

8. a round or cycle of events in time or a recurring period of time.

I love words that mean more than one thing. A revolution is both a turn around something, say a revolution around the sun (a year) and a drastic change in society, say the American Revolution. We are currently living in trying times, but in the same breath life is exciting because so many things are changing: our government, the way we live, technology, education and more.

So what's your revolution going to be for?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's wishing you and yours the best on this lovely morning.

As always this time of year is a moment to reflect on things are hold dear and are thankful for as well as to embellish the typical home-cooked meal (or well catered, depending on how you celebrate). Enjoy yourself today, take a deep breath and breath in all the wonders in the world.

Then get up really early with me tomorrow to go shopping!

Also, if you're feeling extra thankful today, keep my Yellow Jackets in mind on for Saturday and our big game. We'll be playing our ultimate rivals and it's the first year in many years where we might actually step up to the plate.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Mosaic: pink and navy

1. Pink DS Collection, 2. Old Navy, 3. Pink for the Cure, 4. Moonset, 5. whisper baby pink, 6. Plum Tree and Blossoms in the Night, 7. A dream in pink, 8. Grapes, 9. Day 251/365......think pink

Since I started some wedding talk I figured today's should focus on my colors.
Note that when you type "navy" into the search box on flickr most of the results you get are Navy, as in the armed forces. I managed to find a few that didn't have men and women in uniform or pretty airplanes flying about.

Wedding: thoughts on style

I have been doing a little bit more thinking about wedding plans and etc. I'm trying to really get a feel for the overall style of the wedding. Somehow in my head I keep going back to what a James Bond wedding would look like. Classic, old fashioned, yet with this interesting modern twist. I'm not sure how I've come across the idea. And dots. Polka dots especially seem to be speaking to me.

Honestly I find the whole thing very daunting. I'm nervous I'm going to screw this up. Which is depressing and it lends to me avoiding working on it.

I'm loving these little place cards. Simple, easy to make (obiviously we wouldn't use the asian lanterns stamp, but something similar, perhaps polka dots again). We aren't having a sit down dinner but planning on assigned seating anyway. I also like that this has the couple's names on them (which with a large guest list cuts down on work/an insane number of cards).
I also adore these little lantern lights. I like that in the afternoon they will stand out as being a color and in the evening they can be just lights lights. I'm guessing our reception won't be a short one, esp since there isn't a ton to do in Bowling Green and a large portion of guests will be in from out of town. Not to mention my family rarely sees each other. If my parents' family friends can make a Fourth of July cook out start in the afternoon and last until after dark, a wedding reception should be a snap.

Planning on posting another Tuesday Mosaic this evening, make sure you stop by again for that. I also finsihed my December Daily book that's ready for pictures and journaling throughout the December lead up to Christmas. I'll try and photograph that soon and get photos up as well before the holiday.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mosaic on Tuesday: mood

1. Insight, 2. {اشعل شموع الكون لاحل طاريك, 3. hush, 4. Day 109 - wanting him to come back before anyone notices part of the world has not moved since he left, 5. Seat Of Powerlessness (Mono), 6. Abandoned Love, 7. Lonely Swingers...., 8. i will continue alone, 9. Running ahead of oneself, 10. will you take me with you?, 11. torn, 12. All gone..., 13. Pews, 14. through the bench, 15. عسى نبضة فؤادڪ دايم الدوم ~ تذڪرني , 16. Lost

I've been feeling in the weirdest of moods lately. This mosaic sort of sums it up. It's this weird cross of lonely, empty, lost and missing. Hopefully things will perk up as we get settled in the new place but right now all I want to do is hide under the covers and read or sleep.

As a result a few things are getting neglected (scrapping, writing, unpacking, organizing, wedding planning). I'm trying not to let this bother me and just keep breathing hoping things will perk up sooner or later.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wedding: dress ideas

photo: J. Crew

I love this dress. This is the neckline Mom and I were discussing and I think this has tons of potential. Obviously I want it in white, and but I really love this cut. This dress in particular has a tiny flare out at the bottom and I might go for more of flare out and maybe a tiny bit more of a train. I think I want less of a sleeve too.
And for some reason I'm thinking polka dots (white on white?).

Monday, November 10, 2008

Find: Wedding stamp

I desperately want this personalized stamp by Cox & Cox for the wedding. I want both the name stamp and the address stamp. How completely lovely. It would run me a good chunk of change though (since each stamp runs about 16 pounds and then there's shipping from the UK).

Has anyone seen anything this nice state-side?


Link: Something worth reading

Hubs to be started his own blog. For the most part he babbles about sports, me, music and movies, but he's got a fantastic dry sense of humor which is always welcome. Check him out, or link your hubbys, hubs to bes, and other significant others who might be interested in some guy chatter.

Champs Lounge

I've got some new projects to post soon, then I'm probably taking a small hiatus from posting scrapbooking LOs as we're moving to our new apartment!! I'll post pictures of that as well if people are interested.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

History: no longer just read, but lived

Yesterday (I say yesterday, as I've not been to bed yet and it is still "Wednesday" to me even though the post will be dated "Thursday") was truely historic. Hubs-to-be and I got up early and waited in line to cast our votes that would determine the direction next four years our country would be headed in.

I was so very nervous about the outcome of the election all through work last night. I had cnn.com up in the background most of the night. Some people in my life (hubs-to-be, my mother, a co worker and friend or two) kept mentioning that Obama's victory was almost a sure deal, but I couldn't help but remember the insane number of people (adults, students and children) with "Jackets for McCain" stickers at the last few football games (we have season tickets to our alma mater). I couldn't shake the man who verbally attacked me and insisted that a loss for McCain would yield a second Civil War. Every electoral vote made me anxious.

I cannot begin to do justice for the feelings that overwhelmed me after hearing (reading) that Obama was called the 44th President-Elect. Relief would be one of the first. Followed closely by hope. Most importantly though, I realized that I was actually experiencing something great, something beyond myself, something monumental. History. Best of all, I knew that I had done my part, early in the morning on very little sleep, in the band/choir room of a high school to contribute to that history.

I watched Mr. Obama's speech last night in awe. After seeing that McCain had already spoke and a blog post from a friend who mentioned staying up to see Obama's speech I quickly started streaming CNN live on the computer so I wouldn't miss a thing. I was amazed at the sheer number of peple waiting in Chicago, well after 11pm Eastern, in the cold to see him speak. I was amazed to see them all singing along to the songs blasted over the loud speakers, dancing, waving flags and cheering. I was shocked to see Oprah in the thick of it (or so it seemed) and not in a cozy warm indoor place that she probably could have been in if she had wanted.

When he did start to speak though, I found myself somewhere else entirely. He spoke of hope and change. He pointed out proudly that the results of the day proved, so decidedly that democracy is still alive and well within our country. He spoke of how things are not where they should be, that people are unemployed, that the economy is a shambles, that we don't have peace amongst ourselves never mind peace elsewhere in the world. But he didn't not leave us there, pointing out what's wrong and how lost we are. He reminded us that as a country, as a people, Amercians have risen above the worst of times and rallied together to come out stronger than before. That what we faced now was not something that would defeat us.

Most importanly he pointed out that in order to survive the trials ahead of us we would need to unite, not just as Democrats but as Democrats and Republicans and remove the barrier between the parties. He congratulated the Dems on the victory but warned them not to get haughty for this was not entirely their win, it was a win for the whole nation.

As embarrassing as it might have been I sat in my cube and cried at the end of his speech, moved to a point where I thought my heart would burst.

Yes our country is in disarry. Yes we are cynical, jaded, frustrated, downtrodden and just about given up. And what's worse, is that this is no longer a time to be complacent, for us to give in and let the government pull us out of the this mess. We, as individuals, need to be motivated to make a difference. To get ourselves in a better place, to get our country in a better place. The man our country elected to be the next President is capable of inspiring people to do just that.

For the first time since I was young, I feel patriotic again. I know my patriotism didn't die as a result of the Bush administration but rather it died over time as I watched politics become a game of who's better, who's morally right and no longer who wants to change things, to make a difference, to improve our way of life. In a wave of relief, I've found that it is not just me, but other friends of mine, feel united with other Americans on the grounds that we are American. It is the tie that binds.

I am so very eager to see where this new found spirit in our leader, our country and our world will take us. There is so much work to be done, but I think we are ready. I knew all along we could handle it, that we could overcome it, but it is wonderous to have a leader who will cheer us on along the way.

I know not everyone agrees with my points, with my beliefs and with the results of the election. It's not a win for deomcrats though, it's a win for democracy. And even more than that, this is a time where we must take matters into our own hands and fix the country. Even if you don't agree with everything he believes in take a moment to let the results inpsire you to take your life, your own personal economy, your own actions and beliefs into your own hands and make a difference.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

LOs: PAX, Me Thomas

I finished up some more LOs while at my mountain top scrapping get away and thought I should share. I haven't had a chance to scrap with just my stash in a while, so both this retreat and Scrap Pink were an awesome opportunity to do that.

I love this LO. It's so simple and yet it totally works with the busy paper and the photos. Nerdcore, btw is a genre of music (and an entire lifestyle) that's becoming very popular among the video game crowd. Most of the music is video game influenced and a few of the bands have no words to their songs. Very interesting.

I love this LO of Travis. The tag is for journaling, which I finshed up last night. Again the simple LO really pops.

Already Gone
This is my current favorite of LOs. I love the way it came out and the colors of the paper and the photos came together. I also love how "me" it feels and yet looks elegant. The lyrics are from Sugarland's "Already Gone." I love it, the whole thing.

Chatting with LJ
I love this LO. Seriously. And not just because it's Thomas. I just love how it came together. Fantastic.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Guest Designer: Ready Set Scrap + Link

I'm the guest designer for the current challenge on Ready Set Scrap!

Make sure you go check it out and participate!

Also, I'm not sure how many of you are digital (or hybrid) scrappers, but this great website Songbird Avenue does a monthly digital kit where most of the proceeds for the kit go towards a different charity each month. This month's kit is way cute and the charity an Animal Haven. Make sure you check it out!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

LOs: October C2P

Here's the rest of my October LOs from Commit2Paper.

Oct C2P: Endless Summer
shots of lil brother and I from beach trips to Mrytle Beach we used to take as kids. I supplemented some Bazzil Bling CS for this one.

This one is done on a transperancy. It's back with beige CS for photography purposes, but I'll probaly just stick it right in the album as is.

Oct C2P: John
Shots from Homecoming in high school. The journaling circle is mine from Maya Road.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reader Request: Pink & Navy Inspiration Board

I'm having the worst time deciding on a color scheme. As I was telling hubs-to-be, I feel like there is a wrong answer and right answer and I feel like I can't figure out which is which. I know this is irrational, but us engineers work a certain way and this is how I am.

I had thought about navy and green, but ran into an issue with that (a friend pointed out that the color combo was what she's always wanted and then I felt bad and on top of that I got frustrated with the flower options--which are few and far between).

Now I'm leaning towards navy and pink. Kati over at The Finer Things helped me out with this fantastic inspriation board:

Kudos to her for her help. Let me know what you think? (As for shades I'm leaning towards darker pinks, more jewel tones (since it's a september wedding).

Friday, October 10, 2008

LOs: Scrap Pink

I got a good number of LOs done at ScrapPink in Miami with Amy and Julia. Including the Commit2Paper October kit LOs I finished a few others. I really had a great time digging through some of the stuff in my stash, using some of the things I've collected for a while.

My favorite project of the weekend was my fantastic mini book I made for hubs-to-be. He's got quite the collection of them so far. This one is one of my favorites though.

I love this LO of my friend Kinan and I. It was so much fun to make too. I love the stacked journaling block and the stickles on the rub on at the top.
Little brother and I have so much fun!! I love the way this LO came out even with the photos that don't match, but really this is just so much us.
This LO is so much fun!! I love scrapping BAG from my visit to LA. These photos are fantastic in person and the cardstock is blingy which makes it even more fun with the cut out rockstar-esque paper. The "awesome" is sparkly.
I love this LO! also on the sparkley CS and full of my favorite Basic Grey line, LilyKate. That's mom and I on my 16th birthday. I really just love how it came out. It will go directly into a page protector as is, even though with the scalloped edges it's not 12x12.
A little bit more detail which just shows the chipboard flowers i covered with chalk ink. Pink first then after that dried lightly with the white.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

LOs: October C2P

Here's my first batch of LOs with the October Commit2Paper kit. This was a pretty fall-esque kit, so a lot of my photos ended up being older shots of family and friends. I did have issues with all the orange, as it's not a favorite color, but it's good for you to push your boundries.

This, obviously, is mom and dad. The picture is a few years old (mom's hair is longer and more brown now, Dad looks the same). I think I'm going to give this one to them for their house (because otherwise she's going to want it).This one was just me playing around with the patterned papers and seeing what came out. Honestly I really like the way it came together.
This page was fun. The photo is the last first day of school photo mom took of us together. The small squares of patterned paper are covered in glossy accents to give them that epoxy feel.
Yes. I was a band nerd. That's my band in high school. And that's only half the band; it was a huge band. I really like the way it came out with the flashy glittery thickers.

Finds: Fellow*, Mankind Mag, creative projects

I haven't posted it yet, but the newest issue of James, DECOR FELLOW's online mag, Fellow* is up. Make sure you check it out, as per usual, it's full of fantastic ideas and more. As always, I love James' work.

My other favorite online mag just put up the newest issue well!! Erin over at Design for Mankind has done something spectacular with the newest issue of Mankind Mag, The Feets and Feats Issue. I might have gotten a little choked up at one point. It's truly beautiful, just like we've come to expect from Erin.

I feel like I should have mentioned this last week, but I like to see more of final product before I spring it on you. Ali Edwards is currently working on a week in the life project at her blog (with blog followers tagigng along and doing the project with her). She says it parallels one of the classes she's taught at CKU and similiar events if you've attended one of those before. Personally I'd love to try this project for a few weeks this year, esp with the wedding planning that's getting started. I think I needed to see how things shaped up though before I made a decision. The above link takes you to the entire set of posts thus far.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Scrap Retreat Part II: plus inspiration notes

Another busy weekend had by all, but I must say it was a good one. I had scrapbook retreat part II, which was thankfully, only an hour and 15 minute drive from home. My friend Bonnie goes twice a year (in Jan and Oct) up to Jasper, GA with friends from her church to scrap for the weekend in the fresh mountain air. I tagged along because they needed another person to fill up the house. I was a little shocked at how much fun I had. We ranged in age from myself (I think I was the youngest or at least close to it) to women who have children my age. As always I enjoy an infusion of talent, ideas, creativity and style. I love forcing it into one room and seeing what comes out, seeing who changes what to their style, process and more.

Of course I'm always self concious at these things, as I don't truly consider myself an artist. I look at what I do as art, but myself, as a person is not an artist. I credit some of my best LOs to "luck" which I imagine others would probably tell me it's talent. Nonetheless I don't feel like I have that "talent" spark, but perhaps I'm wrong.

What did amaze me about this trip though was how people reacted to some of the things I do on a daily basis that I feel is completely uncreative (or directly stolen from someone else). One example was how I cover chipboard and similiar mediums. I worked on another mini board book this weekend (did one last weekend too) and in order to get the photos or paper to cover the whole board I glue down a portion of the paper and go around the edges with the exacto knife. I typically sand the edges after cutting to ensure a smooth sort of edge. This technique caught quite a few people off guard (most asked about how to get the photos the same size and what i cut them out on). This shouldn't surprise me as Amy had just asked me about the same technique a few months earlier, but still it made me think twice. Where did I even pick up this technique? (I lean towards an old ScrapGoods kit, but I could be wrong.)

I also impressed the masses with my inspiration notebook. The poor book has been abandoned until just recently (when Amy sent me home with a giant stack of scrapbooking magazines). It's a simple enough concept though. I have a notebook that I cut out pictures of LOs from mags that I like, I sketch some other LOs that I like (esp if there are two on the same page front and back in a magazine). I have other sections tabbed out for other topics such as colors, quote etc. I'm planning on doing an "Anatomy of an Inspiriation Journal" post later this week (since people seem interested).

I photographed all the LOs and all but two side alteration type projects from the weekend and as soon as I'm done cropping and uploading photos I'll post them here so stay tuned in.

Wedding: Engagement Photos!

We had our engagment photos taken on Sunday afternoon/evening by a good friend of mine Chris Lewis (his website is here and his blog here). We had such a fun time going around Piedmont Park taking photos. We did shots more dressed up and more casual. The dressed up shots are adorable, but you can tell how much more comfortable we are in our regular clothes.

A few of the shots can be found at Chris' blog here: http://blog.cslewisphoto.com/2008/10/07/katy-chris-engaged/
There rest are here. Let me know what you think! I wasn't sure, but now that I'm looking at these I really think I want a guest book that features them. Perhaps. Thoughts?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Travel Diaries: Miami

I had such a fantastic time while in Miami with Amy and Julie doing ScrapPink. We got all sort of giggles while listening to fellow scrappers ("My husband thinks Sarah Palin is red hot."), we drank way too much Diet Coke, giggled about married life/soon to be married life and of course we got some great progress done.

All three of us, Julia, Amy and I, pretty much put October's Commit2Paper kit to rest. I got about seven LOs out of the kit. I would have had more, but I wasted some paper trying to make their Cricut work (mine at home is set the way I like it, plus I think their blade needed replacing). Either way though a great kit. Lots of fun to work with. I can't wait to post my results (alas I don't have photos yet, so patience please).

Double bonus I got my hands on November, which I plan on digging into this weekend at another scrap retreat (this one more informal with a friend and her church friends). I'm hoping to make some major progress there. Getting all my IS requirements done sooner rather than later is a major plus because hubs-to-be and I are considering a move to a new apartment at the end of November. My roommate just put an offer on a house (and they took it!) and she's going to be moving out in Nov-Dec territory. We had originally planned to just move Chris in, but the idea of a new (less expensive) apartment that is JUST ours seems so appealing and so perfect we might just have to go for it. Even if moving is a giant pain.

I've also started my first ATC (artist trading cards) for a swap for ScrapGoods (Amy's hosting the swap and had a few spaces left). I've not made them before, but it's kind of fun. There's a little more flexibility and I'm enjoying the smaller medium. My cards will probably be sub-par in comparison, but I'm trying to not let that phase me. Here's hoping though that I actually GET my stuff that I've submitted to the swap. As of yet, I've only had success with one SG swap thus far.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Wedding Planning: Color Help

I need your help!

I'm desperately trying to choose a color scheme for this wedding and I'm down to three I love. So if any of you can help me weigh in on which you like, I'd love the help.

To put it into perspective, the wedding is going to be September 12, 2009 in the afternoon (with the intent that the reception lasts into the evening/night). I don't want to convert completely into a fall theme, as given the location that time of year will still be riding the end of summer feel.

So here's the color choices (note the photos are all from The Knot website, and I'm taking no credit for them whatsoever. Dress style is not what we're looking at, just colors.):

Option 1: Sage + Pink (with white)

I love the idea of a sage colored dress with pink and white flowers. So match something like that dress with that bouquet. When I originally thought we would do a summer wedding it was going to be a lighter green and pink for the whole thing, but since it's closer to fall I like the darker green.

Option 2: Brown + Pink (with white)
I had issues finding a decent picture of this scheme and this photo doesn't do it justice at all (plus would it have hurt her to smile?). I'd probaly end up with a darker brown and some darker pinks/whites in the bouquet, but this is the gist of where I'm headed.

Option 3: Brown + Blue (with white, possible pink accent)

The first photo is the right blue/brown combo, but I like the idea oft here being some sort of blue on the dress (so the second photo but with blue accents on the dress). Since blue flowers are hard to come by, I assumed, something bright blue in the bouquet with some white/pale pink accent. I also like the idea of incorporating pink into the cake as well (white cake with a little bit of brown accents and blue and pink flowers?). The blue + chocolate look is a little overdone these days but I still love it and I think there are ways to make it unique.

Please! weigh in and give me some second opinions!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Travel Diaries: Miami for Scrap Pink

Jet-setting again this weekend for Miami to visit with Amy, hubs-to-be's co-consipirtor in the proposal (expect the post with that story later this weekend) and one of my favorite "met on the internet and realized I absolutely adored her in real life" people.
We are planning partaking in this year's Scrap Pink event at a local store down in Miami (my local store was already full by the time I got the flyer about the event). This is one of my favorite events, possibly because I love the idea of artists coming together for a great cause. Plus last year it was one of my first crops ever (!) and I learned so much. I'm very proud that I've got all my scrap stuff in one bag this year to travel with (granted I can't take my trimmer or my scissors on the plane so cutting down on those tools saves space).
I picked up this great bag at Target last week just for my jet-set trips to visit Amy to scrap. I wish it held a little bit more, but it's probably for the best that I somewhat limit what I drag around with me. I'm hoping to get a good number of LOs done for the C2P Inspriation Squad as well as some things accomplished for the Scavenger Project.
Make sure you check back this weekend though, I'll have a few posts scheduled to go up while I'm traveling. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I started working with my photos from Camp Kudzu and found that some of my more neglected LRS kits that needed attention worked perfectly. In addition I made on of my first two page LOs in ages. I seem to have completely strayed from that style of LO.

Sing like u mean it
I love this shot of my friend Kinan so much I used it twice! The larger photo is 5x7 and the smaller just the basic 4x6. I love the feel it gives the picture. Next is to do the same thing with one photos in black and white.
Sing - detail 2
some detail of the "Sing" page. The journaling goes around the entire center portion of the LO.
Sing - detail 1

Swinging in the Trees - p1Swinging in the Trees - p2
The chipboard trees from this kit are perfect with the photos from the ropes course at camp.
Swinging - detail
The CK stands for Camp Kudzu obviously. I loved dressing up this little tag for an added accent.
Perfect Morning
I think is is my favorite LO of the bunch. The photos blend so beautifully with the paper it's breathtaking.

All LOs were done with LRS kits from the past few months.

*click images for larger

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

LOs: Sept. Commit2Paper

I'm finally getting around to posting these LOs. I've done some more with the kit, but things have been hectic and I haven't had a chance to photograph them and upload them. My goal is to get that done this week.

These are from before I went on a scrapping hiatus due to too much traveling. Luckily I've got some more traveling coming up that is all scrapping goodness. This weekend I'll be in Miami visitng Amy and the following weekend I'm doing a retreat with a friend that's just a little outside of Atlanta.

These are shots from my friends' porch in St. Thomas. I'm so jealous.

Both of these are from my last visit with Amy (which was too long ago now that I'm looking at the photos. Thankfully I'll be down there this weekend). The paper just copmliments them so much.

As always everything is done with the Sept. Commit2Paper kit.

*click for larger

Monday, September 22, 2008

Good News!

Boyfriend and I got engaged!

He proposed Thursday evening with the help of a friend or two and of course I said yes. It's very exciting to actually be planning our wedding, when we've been talking and dreaming about it since six months into the relationship.

That being said, things are a little hectic here now, but I'm still very excited to take on the wedding planning. I went out and bought an organizer plus a few other books on weddings and what to do (I always have to have a book). Any sort of links, supplies and other tips/suggestions you, my lovely readers, can provide will be much appreciated.

Currently it's not much but there is a wedding webpage, which you should feel free to check out.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Travel Diaries: Los Angeles and T:SCC event

I hit the road again this past weekend for an event with the cast of the Fox tv show "Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles." Through my other journal, rocketgirl, I'm a member of a fan community for one of the stars of the show Thomas Dekker as well as being a fan of the show overall (who my age doesn't have some great attachment to Terminator 2?). It's actually a pretty spectacular show for those of you who might not watch it yet, add it to the TiVO and DVR recorders.

I was able to meet up with some of the others ladies from the fan site (of course we became fast friends...again with the wonders of the internet), meet the cast, get autographs, see a special viewing of this week's episode in advance and spend some quality time with Mr. Dekker afterward. I found out he actually did know me from my blog handle (he reads the goings ons on our fan site) which was interesting. A very fufilling day.

As always I've got pictures to share, both of the cast and the event. Here is my full gushy review of the entire event if you're interested.

I didn't get to see as much of LA as I would have like (I ended up seeing mostly the two block radius of the store and the aiport), but it's different than I would have imagined. I'm hoping to go back again sometime soon and see more.


Expect further updates this week with some new pages I got done using the September C2P kit as well as some others I finished with older LRS kits.

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