Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wedding: thoughts on style

I have been doing a little bit more thinking about wedding plans and etc. I'm trying to really get a feel for the overall style of the wedding. Somehow in my head I keep going back to what a James Bond wedding would look like. Classic, old fashioned, yet with this interesting modern twist. I'm not sure how I've come across the idea. And dots. Polka dots especially seem to be speaking to me.

Honestly I find the whole thing very daunting. I'm nervous I'm going to screw this up. Which is depressing and it lends to me avoiding working on it.

I'm loving these little place cards. Simple, easy to make (obiviously we wouldn't use the asian lanterns stamp, but something similar, perhaps polka dots again). We aren't having a sit down dinner but planning on assigned seating anyway. I also like that this has the couple's names on them (which with a large guest list cuts down on work/an insane number of cards).
I also adore these little lantern lights. I like that in the afternoon they will stand out as being a color and in the evening they can be just lights lights. I'm guessing our reception won't be a short one, esp since there isn't a ton to do in Bowling Green and a large portion of guests will be in from out of town. Not to mention my family rarely sees each other. If my parents' family friends can make a Fourth of July cook out start in the afternoon and last until after dark, a wedding reception should be a snap.

Planning on posting another Tuesday Mosaic this evening, make sure you stop by again for that. I also finsihed my December Daily book that's ready for pictures and journaling throughout the December lead up to Christmas. I'll try and photograph that soon and get photos up as well before the holiday.


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