Wednesday, October 31, 2007

just to say I love you...

I've been making Champ these little cards that I sneak in his lunch while he's asleep. The first one was ugly but the second came out really nice. He really likes getting them when he's at work or in the morning when I'm asleep. I thin it helps the the evening shifts (where I only see him when he's asleep and he only sees me when I'm asleep) a little easier to deal with. I'd have pictures to post but I gave them to him and as a result and he puts them somewhere...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Telling a Story

FREE! I think I'm out of my slump! I stayed up late working on this page for a "book of me" challenge I'm starting over at ScrapGoods. The idea is similar to those I've read out in other places (yes Ali Edwards' goes on about this) and it's a really neat idea. True I do a lot more scrapping about myself than others with kids and such but usually it's about stuff we've done, not just me. So this is the title page for my book. I am smiling here, even though after a while you could think I was crying. The pp is Basic Grey (the LilyKate line), the letter are American Crafts thickers (the brown). I love my gold American Crafts metallic marker and my new Sharpie white paint pen. I did this page in 8.5x11 which is a different size for me. I'm trying something new. I really like it so far so we will see how it goes. There should be new challenges every week (this weeks was to make the title page), so I will do my best to keep up.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I love this picture. It's the current favorite one I have of the two of us. It's just so us. Champ looks happy and I look at peace. Which is how we are. I'm happy of course, but being peaceful with my mind, body and soul is more of what makes us

But how do I scrap it?

I've been torn for days about how to get it into a layout. I'm just flat out stuck. It's such a beautiful shot with the beach in the background, the colors came out lovely...but I'm stuck. NOTHING is jumping out and inspriring me. Help?

Monday, October 22, 2007


I've been on somewhat of a hiatus. You know how it gets when you can't seem to sit still long enough to focus on something creative. I printed off a ton of lovely pictures from the Disney trip this summer and then the beach weekend earlier this month, but as much as I stare at them nothing is coming to mind. I'm stuck on the new OLW as well. BELIEVE. I like the concept of "believing in magic" but I can't seem to make it work. Or come up with something. Silly when I have about 200 Disney photos. My goal is to get some more things done later this week though.

But with the scrapbooking hiatus I keep finding that I want to read and write more which is good. I've missed the desire I've had for both of those things. I love to do both so much it was hard when I hit a serious writer's block and couldn't focus on anything long enough to read it.

I've got a new scrapbooking book to pour over so hopefully that will inspire me some. If not I'll just get caught up on some of the back logged reading and perhaps blow the dust off my endless work in progress novel.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Creative Manifesto

Lately my biggest vice has been Ali Edwards' blog and newsletter. I've just been introduced to her world as I've been expanding my scrapbooking outlooks (in a way only the internet can provide) and I'm definitely hooked. I love the newsletters she puts together and her thoughts on things that I realize I've been struggling with.

With getting better at this art, I've found that I (as well as other friends I have in the community of scrapbooking) have had issues with finding my place, my style, and my groove if you will. I like so many eclectic things, but my layouts end up looking similar. Ali has some great points about accepting your style and that it is different from others. Plus the voice expressed in her writing is so full of support in being yourself that it's relaxing.

In the 2/7/2007 issue of her newsletter she talks about developing a creative manifesto. I think this is a down right awesome concept. It's a grand way for people (not just scrapbookers) to put their thoughts into a coherent piece and use it to work from. For me, if I can nail down specifically what I want to do with something I can build on it and usually create something I've not yet dreamed of.

Here's some of what I have so far (mine is in list format, but that's def not required. You can do it however, but for me, I think in lists with descriptions. Short bursts that I have to explain.)
  • Take risks and experiment - I'm always afraid of messing something up or not doing something as well as someone else does so I tend to stick with what I already know.
  • Trust yourself - I'm alwasy so unsure of my work and of my ideas. This helps me focus on what I can and can't accomplish. It also helps put mistakes into perspective.
  • Do what inspires you - I'm so "behind" in scrapping that I feel like I need to get caught up all the time. Yet I've found that the pages I love hte most are the pages that I'm in the mood to work on when I work on them. It's something I really need to focus on doing. Just creating and letting myself get caught in the moment, not caught up.

That's it for the moment. Perhaps I'll build on it. I've got new LOs to post, but I'm still bringing it together. And I want to try and figure out the scanner a little better.

Monday, October 8, 2007


This word for OLW killed me. GONE? How do I work with that. Everything in my life is so more and not a whole lot has been taken away as of late. So I started thinking about things that were gone. I thought of college, of my friend Ian (of whom I have no good pictures so that was ruled out), old boyfriends, perhaps some old friends I had lost contact with. I was drawing a total blank.

I was looking at Amber's LO on the OLW page and hers was titled "Gone are the days of broken hearts." I really liked this idea and it went with the more positive spin on my life I'm try to take. So I came up with this:Many apologies again for the AWFUL quality of the pictures. I need to crop things. I think I might have fixed the computer issues or at the very least plan to delete photoshop and switch to something more reasonable. The title reads "Young LOVE is GONE". It sounds like a kind of sad statement and it sort of is. But for us it really is where we are right now. We're past the days of young love where everything is carefree and all you need is love and etc. Now there are bills, work, responsibilities; general speedbumps and detours on the road of our life together and we are having to get used to it.

Some detailing:
This was my first attempt at embossing with powder and ink. I used the clear ink, my cute flower stamp and viola! I heated it with the toaster over and just about burned the apartment building down. But it looks nice.These journaling cardstock stickies (cringe at the though of calling them "stickers") obviously all match the paper from my monthly kit. I outlined it in brown pen to make it pop a littl more against the orange though.
The alphas are brown foam which I heated (with the toaster again) and then smushed a paisley background stamp on them to leave the imprint. I painted over the letters with gold acryllic paint then dabbed a lot of it off. The frame is chipboard painted with the same paint. This is my fave embellishment of the whole page.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

ScrapPink = lots of work done

I got a spot for one day at ScrapPink at the local store (actually about 20 min away) which was sweet because i actually got some good stuff done. Apologies for the pictures not being cropped perfectly. I was having issues with my computer running out of space and photoshop wouldn't save properly as a result.

This mosaic piece took an eon to actually do. I cut the 8x10 picture into little 1"x1" squares and pasted the whole thing together by hand. There are aparently like templates and such for this sort of thing, but I really wanted to try it out by hand. It doesn't help that i can't cut in a straight line (even with my cutter) or draw a straight line (even with my ruler). The notes along the side are the date and location. I've found that I like putting the dates and such in more obvious spaces.

This one I made for my cousin's kid Jake. He's the ardrenaline junkie in the family and spent most of the afternoon at the park jumping off swings and trying his best to go as fast as possible down the slides. The pictures are really sun drenched and as a result somewhat hard to see, but i love them anyway. To me they are more realistic. I loved these chipboard letters I got from HSN (seriously), the brand is 3Birds. I didn't want to take away from them by using a colored cardstock. I was pretty pleased with how the circle of embelishments and stamps came out. it gives it a pretty good feel overall.

When we got to Keagan's house, her mom told me about how excited she was about wearing her purple pants so i knew these pictures had to go on purple. I'm not much of a gold person so I literally had to scrounge to find some good gold things. The letters came from the store I was at for the crop (ChipChatter is the brand i believe). They come in squares and you can punch the letters out. They are super sparkely but don't get glitter all over you (which is nice).

I lifted a lot of the aspects of this LO from another one i saw (especially the edges of the patterned paper in the middle and the flowers). I love the way the flowers came out and just thought they def needed stems. The different ribbon and fibers make each one unique. I like the way the picture pops with the colors of everything. These blues and greens with brown are some of my new favorite colors to scrap with. Go figure right?

This page actually was really important to me because of what it means. I hadn't seen Scott in 20 years and it was possibly one of the most terrifying moments of my life to re-meet him. Thankfully we got along just fine and it turns out that we are more alike that i would have imagined. I've always felt somewhat out of place in my family in some regards (I've always had different talents and dreams). I'm simliar enough to my mom and dad, but I had yet to find someone as interested in mechanics and such. Scott though, is also an engineer and it would seem that it just doesn't come from nowhere. I really like this page even if the embellishments seem a little mismatched. To me they kind of represent us. Although I wasn't thinking that when i added them. I was just thinking that i liked them. The metal plate was great for a title block and the letter stickers i had been waititng to use for ages (i also have them in b&w--Sticko i think).

I've got a few more left to post. In particular my entry for the OLW word of this week (month? i dunno, bi weekly period), GONE. It came out tons better than I expected, but it is terribly simple. Oh well :)

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