Monday, October 8, 2007


This word for OLW killed me. GONE? How do I work with that. Everything in my life is so more and not a whole lot has been taken away as of late. So I started thinking about things that were gone. I thought of college, of my friend Ian (of whom I have no good pictures so that was ruled out), old boyfriends, perhaps some old friends I had lost contact with. I was drawing a total blank.

I was looking at Amber's LO on the OLW page and hers was titled "Gone are the days of broken hearts." I really liked this idea and it went with the more positive spin on my life I'm try to take. So I came up with this:Many apologies again for the AWFUL quality of the pictures. I need to crop things. I think I might have fixed the computer issues or at the very least plan to delete photoshop and switch to something more reasonable. The title reads "Young LOVE is GONE". It sounds like a kind of sad statement and it sort of is. But for us it really is where we are right now. We're past the days of young love where everything is carefree and all you need is love and etc. Now there are bills, work, responsibilities; general speedbumps and detours on the road of our life together and we are having to get used to it.

Some detailing:
This was my first attempt at embossing with powder and ink. I used the clear ink, my cute flower stamp and viola! I heated it with the toaster over and just about burned the apartment building down. But it looks nice.These journaling cardstock stickies (cringe at the though of calling them "stickers") obviously all match the paper from my monthly kit. I outlined it in brown pen to make it pop a littl more against the orange though.
The alphas are brown foam which I heated (with the toaster again) and then smushed a paisley background stamp on them to leave the imprint. I painted over the letters with gold acryllic paint then dabbed a lot of it off. The frame is chipboard painted with the same paint. This is my fave embellishment of the whole page.


Anonymous said...

This is really cute. And I agree that it would be very hard to come up with someone that is "gone".

I probably would of scrapped one of the old animals that we had over the years that we lost. That or I would of done my friend Dustyn who died in 2004. :(


Lynn said...

Great layout!


Lis said...

Wonderful layout :)

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