Friday, September 26, 2008

Wedding Planning: Color Help

I need your help!

I'm desperately trying to choose a color scheme for this wedding and I'm down to three I love. So if any of you can help me weigh in on which you like, I'd love the help.

To put it into perspective, the wedding is going to be September 12, 2009 in the afternoon (with the intent that the reception lasts into the evening/night). I don't want to convert completely into a fall theme, as given the location that time of year will still be riding the end of summer feel.

So here's the color choices (note the photos are all from The Knot website, and I'm taking no credit for them whatsoever. Dress style is not what we're looking at, just colors.):

Option 1: Sage + Pink (with white)

I love the idea of a sage colored dress with pink and white flowers. So match something like that dress with that bouquet. When I originally thought we would do a summer wedding it was going to be a lighter green and pink for the whole thing, but since it's closer to fall I like the darker green.

Option 2: Brown + Pink (with white)
I had issues finding a decent picture of this scheme and this photo doesn't do it justice at all (plus would it have hurt her to smile?). I'd probaly end up with a darker brown and some darker pinks/whites in the bouquet, but this is the gist of where I'm headed.

Option 3: Brown + Blue (with white, possible pink accent)

The first photo is the right blue/brown combo, but I like the idea oft here being some sort of blue on the dress (so the second photo but with blue accents on the dress). Since blue flowers are hard to come by, I assumed, something bright blue in the bouquet with some white/pale pink accent. I also like the idea of incorporating pink into the cake as well (white cake with a little bit of brown accents and blue and pink flowers?). The blue + chocolate look is a little overdone these days but I still love it and I think there are ways to make it unique.

Please! weigh in and give me some second opinions!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Travel Diaries: Miami for Scrap Pink

Jet-setting again this weekend for Miami to visit with Amy, hubs-to-be's co-consipirtor in the proposal (expect the post with that story later this weekend) and one of my favorite "met on the internet and realized I absolutely adored her in real life" people.
We are planning partaking in this year's Scrap Pink event at a local store down in Miami (my local store was already full by the time I got the flyer about the event). This is one of my favorite events, possibly because I love the idea of artists coming together for a great cause. Plus last year it was one of my first crops ever (!) and I learned so much. I'm very proud that I've got all my scrap stuff in one bag this year to travel with (granted I can't take my trimmer or my scissors on the plane so cutting down on those tools saves space).
I picked up this great bag at Target last week just for my jet-set trips to visit Amy to scrap. I wish it held a little bit more, but it's probably for the best that I somewhat limit what I drag around with me. I'm hoping to get a good number of LOs done for the C2P Inspriation Squad as well as some things accomplished for the Scavenger Project.
Make sure you check back this weekend though, I'll have a few posts scheduled to go up while I'm traveling. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I started working with my photos from Camp Kudzu and found that some of my more neglected LRS kits that needed attention worked perfectly. In addition I made on of my first two page LOs in ages. I seem to have completely strayed from that style of LO.

Sing like u mean it
I love this shot of my friend Kinan so much I used it twice! The larger photo is 5x7 and the smaller just the basic 4x6. I love the feel it gives the picture. Next is to do the same thing with one photos in black and white.
Sing - detail 2
some detail of the "Sing" page. The journaling goes around the entire center portion of the LO.
Sing - detail 1

Swinging in the Trees - p1Swinging in the Trees - p2
The chipboard trees from this kit are perfect with the photos from the ropes course at camp.
Swinging - detail
The CK stands for Camp Kudzu obviously. I loved dressing up this little tag for an added accent.
Perfect Morning
I think is is my favorite LO of the bunch. The photos blend so beautifully with the paper it's breathtaking.

All LOs were done with LRS kits from the past few months.

*click images for larger

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

LOs: Sept. Commit2Paper

I'm finally getting around to posting these LOs. I've done some more with the kit, but things have been hectic and I haven't had a chance to photograph them and upload them. My goal is to get that done this week.

These are from before I went on a scrapping hiatus due to too much traveling. Luckily I've got some more traveling coming up that is all scrapping goodness. This weekend I'll be in Miami visitng Amy and the following weekend I'm doing a retreat with a friend that's just a little outside of Atlanta.

These are shots from my friends' porch in St. Thomas. I'm so jealous.

Both of these are from my last visit with Amy (which was too long ago now that I'm looking at the photos. Thankfully I'll be down there this weekend). The paper just copmliments them so much.

As always everything is done with the Sept. Commit2Paper kit.

*click for larger

Monday, September 22, 2008

Good News!

Boyfriend and I got engaged!

He proposed Thursday evening with the help of a friend or two and of course I said yes. It's very exciting to actually be planning our wedding, when we've been talking and dreaming about it since six months into the relationship.

That being said, things are a little hectic here now, but I'm still very excited to take on the wedding planning. I went out and bought an organizer plus a few other books on weddings and what to do (I always have to have a book). Any sort of links, supplies and other tips/suggestions you, my lovely readers, can provide will be much appreciated.

Currently it's not much but there is a wedding webpage, which you should feel free to check out.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Travel Diaries: Los Angeles and T:SCC event

I hit the road again this past weekend for an event with the cast of the Fox tv show "Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles." Through my other journal, rocketgirl, I'm a member of a fan community for one of the stars of the show Thomas Dekker as well as being a fan of the show overall (who my age doesn't have some great attachment to Terminator 2?). It's actually a pretty spectacular show for those of you who might not watch it yet, add it to the TiVO and DVR recorders.

I was able to meet up with some of the others ladies from the fan site (of course we became fast friends...again with the wonders of the internet), meet the cast, get autographs, see a special viewing of this week's episode in advance and spend some quality time with Mr. Dekker afterward. I found out he actually did know me from my blog handle (he reads the goings ons on our fan site) which was interesting. A very fufilling day.

As always I've got pictures to share, both of the cast and the event. Here is my full gushy review of the entire event if you're interested.

I didn't get to see as much of LA as I would have like (I ended up seeing mostly the two block radius of the store and the aiport), but it's different than I would have imagined. I'm hoping to go back again sometime soon and see more.


Expect further updates this week with some new pages I got done using the September C2P kit as well as some others I finished with older LRS kits.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

PAX: nerd haven

For those of you who don't know, I had a glorious Labor Day weekend in Seattle, at the Penny-Arcade Expo. Penny-Arcade is a delightfully geeky web-comic about gaming (as a heads up, the language isn't exactly...clean, but I love it anyway) and the general shennanigans of Gabe and Tycho, who are loosely based off their real life counterparts, the authors of the strip.

For the pas few years they've been having PAX and I got the opportunity to go this year. There aren't enough words to explain the whole weekend, but I did a whole run down over at rocketgirl (my "other" blog). I just wanted to share a few of my favorite shots from the weekend.
With Wil Wheaton, who you might remember as Wesley Crusher from Star Trek. He is most def my first celebrity crush ever, and this was possibly one of the most exciting moments in my life.

With Gabe (aka Mike Krahulik). This was another "most exciting moment" moment of the weekend.

With my friends Travis and Nathan, some of the best companions there are.

I don't know if I go on and on about the wonders of the internet enough, but I feel like I have to again. There is just something amazing about watching people who up until this weekend had only conversed via the internet, meet and realize they are more comfortable around each other than people they've known their whole lives. The group of people I hung out with barely knew each other at the start of this trip and we all went home feeling like we'd met our best friends. There is something amazing about how the internet brings people that would have never met otherwise together. Even Gabe and Tycho talked about this at PAX, about how awesome it is that through their connections and based off of the community they have created on the internet, they are able to create this entire community in real life where people of a common thread can come together and feel at home.

And that sense of home was present throughout the weekend. Nerd/dork/geek haven. Somewhere to just be you.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Scavenger ago

As a quick update...I'm going out on a limb and joining up with the Art House Co-op Scavenger Project (which is being done with my girly Erin, over at Design for Mankind). I'm a little nervous but excited at the same time to see what kind of scrapbooking success I can muster out of this. Who knows? All I know is that it should be fun.

There are still some spaces left if you are interested in joining in on the fun. Plus you can watch the progress through the flickr group, if you are just interested in cheering on the participators (like me!).

Also, we've got to give some love to one of my favorite designers, James aka Decor Fellow. He's just released his own mag, Fellow* and it's fantastic and completely 100% worth the read. Tons of goodies. I love that he's focusing on design for "the high and the low", and how he honestly believes that finances shouldn't stop you from living fabulously (my kind of guy!).

Finally for viewing pleasure a few of my more recent (and loved) LOs. I've got a few more that need to be photographed as well, so expect those soon. All of the following were done with the August Commit2Paper kit (which I helped Amy pick out!)

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