Tuesday, September 9, 2008

PAX: nerd haven

For those of you who don't know, I had a glorious Labor Day weekend in Seattle, at the Penny-Arcade Expo. Penny-Arcade is a delightfully geeky web-comic about gaming (as a heads up, the language isn't exactly...clean, but I love it anyway) and the general shennanigans of Gabe and Tycho, who are loosely based off their real life counterparts, the authors of the strip.

For the pas few years they've been having PAX and I got the opportunity to go this year. There aren't enough words to explain the whole weekend, but I did a whole run down over at rocketgirl (my "other" blog). I just wanted to share a few of my favorite shots from the weekend.
With Wil Wheaton, who you might remember as Wesley Crusher from Star Trek. He is most def my first celebrity crush ever, and this was possibly one of the most exciting moments in my life.

With Gabe (aka Mike Krahulik). This was another "most exciting moment" moment of the weekend.

With my friends Travis and Nathan, some of the best companions there are.

I don't know if I go on and on about the wonders of the internet enough, but I feel like I have to again. There is just something amazing about watching people who up until this weekend had only conversed via the internet, meet and realize they are more comfortable around each other than people they've known their whole lives. The group of people I hung out with barely knew each other at the start of this trip and we all went home feeling like we'd met our best friends. There is something amazing about how the internet brings people that would have never met otherwise together. Even Gabe and Tycho talked about this at PAX, about how awesome it is that through their connections and based off of the community they have created on the internet, they are able to create this entire community in real life where people of a common thread can come together and feel at home.

And that sense of home was present throughout the weekend. Nerd/dork/geek haven. Somewhere to just be you.


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