Thursday, September 25, 2008

Travel Diaries: Miami for Scrap Pink

Jet-setting again this weekend for Miami to visit with Amy, hubs-to-be's co-consipirtor in the proposal (expect the post with that story later this weekend) and one of my favorite "met on the internet and realized I absolutely adored her in real life" people.

We are planning partaking in this year's Scrap Pink event at a local store down in Miami (my local store was already full by the time I got the flyer about the event). This is one of my favorite events, possibly because I love the idea of artists coming together for a great cause. Plus last year it was one of my first crops ever (!) and I learned so much. I'm very proud that I've got all my scrap stuff in one bag this year to travel with (granted I can't take my trimmer or my scissors on the plane so cutting down on those tools saves space).
I picked up this great bag at Target last week just for my jet-set trips to visit Amy to scrap. I wish it held a little bit more, but it's probably for the best that I somewhat limit what I drag around with me. I'm hoping to get a good number of LOs done for the C2P Inspriation Squad as well as some things accomplished for the Scavenger Project.
Make sure you check back this weekend though, I'll have a few posts scheduled to go up while I'm traveling. Have a great weekend!


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