Friday, September 26, 2008

Wedding Planning: Color Help

I need your help!

I'm desperately trying to choose a color scheme for this wedding and I'm down to three I love. So if any of you can help me weigh in on which you like, I'd love the help.

To put it into perspective, the wedding is going to be September 12, 2009 in the afternoon (with the intent that the reception lasts into the evening/night). I don't want to convert completely into a fall theme, as given the location that time of year will still be riding the end of summer feel.

So here's the color choices (note the photos are all from The Knot website, and I'm taking no credit for them whatsoever. Dress style is not what we're looking at, just colors.):

Option 1: Sage + Pink (with white)

I love the idea of a sage colored dress with pink and white flowers. So match something like that dress with that bouquet. When I originally thought we would do a summer wedding it was going to be a lighter green and pink for the whole thing, but since it's closer to fall I like the darker green.

Option 2: Brown + Pink (with white)
I had issues finding a decent picture of this scheme and this photo doesn't do it justice at all (plus would it have hurt her to smile?). I'd probaly end up with a darker brown and some darker pinks/whites in the bouquet, but this is the gist of where I'm headed.

Option 3: Brown + Blue (with white, possible pink accent)

The first photo is the right blue/brown combo, but I like the idea oft here being some sort of blue on the dress (so the second photo but with blue accents on the dress). Since blue flowers are hard to come by, I assumed, something bright blue in the bouquet with some white/pale pink accent. I also like the idea of incorporating pink into the cake as well (white cake with a little bit of brown accents and blue and pink flowers?). The blue + chocolate look is a little overdone these days but I still love it and I think there are ways to make it unique.

Please! weigh in and give me some second opinions!


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