Tuesday, September 23, 2008

LOs: Sept. Commit2Paper

I'm finally getting around to posting these LOs. I've done some more with the kit, but things have been hectic and I haven't had a chance to photograph them and upload them. My goal is to get that done this week.

These are from before I went on a scrapping hiatus due to too much traveling. Luckily I've got some more traveling coming up that is all scrapping goodness. This weekend I'll be in Miami visitng Amy and the following weekend I'm doing a retreat with a friend that's just a little outside of Atlanta.

These are shots from my friends' porch in St. Thomas. I'm so jealous.

Both of these are from my last visit with Amy (which was too long ago now that I'm looking at the photos. Thankfully I'll be down there this weekend). The paper just copmliments them so much.

As always everything is done with the Sept. Commit2Paper kit.

*click for larger


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