Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Exciting News!

Yesterday, while Meag was busy taking her first day worth of NY Bar Exam testing, I went in for my Project Management Professional certification exam.

Bossman (now no longer my bossman) wanted all of our team to get certified, so back in the last week of February I took the class, then planned on taking the test later that spring. When I applied, my application got audited and I spent another two months getting all the information I needed for the audit and finally was able to schedule the exam for yesterday.

I seriously haven't studied like that since college. And I had no idea if I was studying the right things.

Excitingly enough, the test was not too terrible, though I wasn't sure at all throughout it if I was passing or failing. I finished it in under 3 hours (there are 4 allotted) and even better? The screen popped up to say I'd passed!!

So it's official, I'm definitely a PMP (project management professional). I get to tack it on the end of my name and everything. Look at me go.

Here's hoping it goes just as well for Meag, who is probably just starting Day 2 today. And the same goes for my lil sis in the sorority, Cressie who starts the TN Bar Exam on Thursday (Yes, I seem to know a lot of future lawyers)!!!

You're both going to be great!! Best of luck!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Good Luck!

I had to wait on posting this one until it actually got to the person it was for (didn't want to ruin the surprise!)

ICS21 - Good Luck

Done with the ICSketches #21. Wishing Meag the best of luck on the bar exam tomorrow!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hi there

One last item from the July Commit2Paper kit, a card! It's actually using the DT audition layout from Insprirational Card Sketches.

July C2P: Hi card

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lil Brother

Josh and Katy
Josh and Katy - July 2010

Champ and I drove up to TN to see the lil brother (who, obviously, is not so little and could actually pass for my twin) perform in the last concert of the music festival that he was interning/studying at this summer.

I think this is the part where I add in some back story.

Josh-man has been playing oboe since 5th grade. The band director in his elementary school band (who, by the way, is still, to this date and about 10 band directors later, still the best I've ever had) picked his ability to hear if an instrument is in tune or not from the start and told my parents that she wanted to do something unorthodox. She wanted to start him on an instrument that most kids only started playing because a band director in high school coaxed a flute player into changing their instrument. Instead Ms. Baker started Josh off on oboe.

Over 190 years later he's still playing. In about a month he starts graduate school at the University of Hartford's conservatory, The Hartt School. This summer he was at the Sewanee Music Festival. The big part of the concert was his English Horn ( like a larger oboe...he's going to yell at me for that, but that's the best frame of reference for someone who doesn't study it) in the Largo movement of New World (Dvorak Symphony No 9).

It was incredible.

I've been listening to him play for a looong time, but this was easily my favorite. When it was over and he stood up, the whole place cheered. Not just my family. And the orchestra itself broke into resounding applause.

The little man has reached the bigs.

(also for those you paying attention I cut my hair short! which you can see in the photo)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

St. Lucia

One more layout with the July Commit2Paper kit, and another shot of honeymoon photos (of course right?)

July C2P: St. Lucia

I was a little obsessed with the houses while we were on the island, just amazed at how they were all set up, what there was, and the varying levels of disrepair the houses were in.

Used Sketch #59 over at Little Shop of Sketches. Such fun...though I don't know how much like the sketch it looks.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July Commit2Paper Kit!

Been having fun with the July kit so far! It's very summery and tropical which just screams "SCRAP YOUR HONEYMOON PHOTOS." Which I've done.

June C2P: just cute

We are silly. I love this photo even if it isn't perfect. It's just cute.

July C2P: Adventure Junkies

We got to go zip-lining through the rain forest when we were on our honeymoon. Champ hadn't done anything like that before and I'm a high ropes junkie. We had a total blast, took a ton of great photos and flew through the trees. If you ever get the chance? Go for it.

Monday, July 12, 2010

In the end

In the end

Love this layout! The photo is of Jesse (my Maid of Honor) and I at the senior dinner for our department. Just like everything else it was weird having all of us in one room. Five years of school together and most of us only know our five or six friends, no one else.

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