Sunday, August 24, 2008

Finds: shopping and Q&A

I feel as if I've abandoned readers, and I apologize. But I'm here to share some goodies with you, hopefully you'll forgive me as a result. And I promise to update more often.

There have been quite a few sucessful finds as of late; not all scrapbook related (ok most aren't). I love this shirt from American Eagle and it makes me re-think avoiding their clothes. Actually most of their early fall line seems to be my style and I'm considering re-visiting the look and trying my best to avoid massive brand marketing.

In other shopping goodies, H&M has become my favorite staple. Not available online yet, but there are more stores going up in the states every few weeks. As excited as I am, I'm bummed to see one of my fave European trends go mainstream. On the upside, the uber-trendy attitude of the store and the flexibility of the clothing keeps the yuppies on the fringe. As always, everything is yummy: patterns, styles, textures and colors. I picked up a great Breakfast at Tiffany's style jacket and sleek suiting dress for possible interviews. They also hooked us up with a copy of the mag (which you can view online here). I haven't had a chance to dig through it but my skim lead me to believe it's full of yummy things to look at too.

If you go/went to a big name school (esp if you have a well known football program) Victoria's Secret Pink line recently released a line featuring licensed logos from 33 of the major universities. If you are feeling some love in my direction go nominate Georiga Tech for the next round of schools. We are low on the number of women in attendance, so it's a long shot, but we'll keep hoping.

Because I swear I do more than shop, make sure you check out Ali Edward's huge Q&A series going on at her blog world. I've linked the first of the series about mini books and sharing your story. Congrats to her as well with the announcement of a new addition to their already lovely family!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend (mine was full of fantastic birthday celebrations!).

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