Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Things to share + June C2P

I had a fantastic time visiting Amy of Commit2Paper this weekend. As I've said before I'm amazed at what the internet has brought me in my life. I've always felt like I've made great online buddies, but the relationships rarely translate to real life. The fact that Amy and work so well in person blows my mind.

It was a fun trip and on top of being a ton of fun it was completely productive. I got my hands on the June C2P kit, and I'm in love with it. I knew what line the stuff was coming from because Amy needed a second opinion about some stuff, but I'm not kidding, I was totally blown away by it once I had it in my hands. I've already cranked out my minimum number of projects for the Inspiration Squad, but I've got ideas for at least two more pages using this kit. One will require a photo shoot, which hopefully I can do this week. I love when the ideas just bubble out.

The first two LOs are done with the C2P June kit. Isn't it just awesome? so much fun to play with.

These two LOs are older. Proof that I did do a little scrapping in the past few weeks but I've been too busy to post them. The first uses mainly American Crafts PP and cardstock. Added in is another envelope from the Linda Bernson Kit of the Month I grabbed a while back.
This LO uses the LRS kit from April (I think). It's all Prima papers and the shots are from seeing the Bunnys from The Girls Next Door and Hugh himself in Vegas. Quite the celebrity siting. I love the way it came together. The inspiration came from one of the Becky Higgins sketches from CK mag, but I ended up varying it quite a bit (this seems to be the case with me and lifts or sketches).

I also finished up the mini book I mentioned earlier that I wanted to work on for Champ. Currently the shots are up on my Flickr page if you can't wait for me to do an actual post (which hopefully I will be able to post either tonight or tomorrow). There's some great shots up on the page from our Memorial Day cook out and the baseball games we went to this past week/weekend if you want to check those out as well. I don't want you to get bogged down with a post with a thousand pictures, so I'll spread them out.

Also, head over to Erin's blog, Design for Mankind, because the latest issue of her Inspiration Ezine is up! I haven't had a chance to read through it yet, but I'm sure it is as stunning as always.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Much excitement for the weekend!

I'm so unbelievably thrilled for the weekend and visiting Amy. We are going to have a blast, plus the plan is to do some good time, C2P work with the new June kit (are you jealous that I not only get mine early...but I get to play with it with Amy herself?)!

Being around her is always so inspiring. The two of us get going and we just never stop. We discuss all sorts of things and talk about all sorts of other things. I thank everything for the internet bringing me such a great friend. I'm a lucky girl.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Inspired! mini book ideas

OLW this week has a guest designer for the current challenge (THINK). I am totally inspired by her mini book she made that I'm probably going to steal part of the idea for something for Champ. Here's the inspiration.

I want to theme my book about what I think of when I think of him. Bear with me while I jot some ideas down...(somewhere where I won't lose them)

When I think of you it's:

--all the little milestones as we round the corner on two years. Two years since we met, two years since we had our little spring break fling, two years since we were dating but not admitting to it, two years since we actually gave in and admitted to our feelings for each other. Two years for me is this huge thing that I've never accomplished before...I'm going to relish every moment.

--Excursions. Braves games, shows at the Fox, watching football at Stooges, Vegas, Amelia Island, movies at Atlantic Station, shopping trips to Target and Walmart...Everything is an adventure. You're the only person I've met who can consistently make everyday chores seem like a game.

--Support. Through all my ideas, my journeys, my plans and my messes. Everything I do and touch is worth your time to listen to me talk about it or have it thrust in your face. Most would have become overwhelmed or annoyed, but you run with it. You enjoy it.

Lack of sleep takes over. Jotting down the initial ideas works nicely though.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Some Link Fun

Not sure if you are an avid reader like me, but Ali Edward's series about photos + words this week is fantastic. Today's post is a personal favorite. I'm always pushing for people to explore the world of journaling. In the future when someone looks at your pages that isn't your significant other standing next you while you grab his(her) arm yelling "OH look what I just did honey!" (there are other people that do this right?), you want them to be able to see the whole picture. A picture is typically worth a thousand words, but how many times do you wish you knew which thousand words they actually are? Wouldn't all of our questions be answered if DaVinci had just made some notes on the back of the Mona Lisa canvas?

Even more so the only way to get better at writing is to write more. Write every day. Eevery single day. I know I do it. Sometimes it's just an email, but I try to expand my writing even in just my emails. I try to write full sentances. (It's ok; sometimes you have to send the "OMG SQUEEE" email because your roomie got asked out on a date or something. That's completely acceptable.) So many people complain about writing blogs, or journaling on layouts because they are so afraid of errors or of what they wrote just sounding silly. Sometimes it's going to sound silly. That's how things go. But the more you do it, the better it gets. Reading more helps with this as well. (In the case of reading, blogs + CNN.com are good, but I really recomend expanding into books.) Don't know where to start? Try Good Reads (add me as a friend! or check out my "read" list, which you can access off the link on the right hand menu bar.), or this great list.

And for my music lovers. In case you didn't know, Nine Inch Nails is offering their newest album for free download off their website. I've only listened through once and it's pretty good if that's genre you are interested in.

Hope everyone is having a lovely mid-week!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kit Versatility

Three totally different projects, all from the same kit. I'm amazed. It was fun scrapping Junior Prom. I hadn't looked through those pictures in a while because I really don't like the guy I went with anymore. I had originally planned for the LOs to be in the opposite order than how they show now, but I didn't realize I had it flipped until after I photographed them. Looking at the pictures afterward, I realized that it didn't matter.

The second LO is my current "favorite" LO. I really like the way it came out and I like the photo strip I managed to put together in Photoshop. I don't use Photoshop much because a) I'm not very good with it and b) it's on the desktop not the laptop, but I did have fun with this. I might have to branch out just a little bit. There's a glaring error on the page but I'm trying to not let it bother me. And the photo is my hands while I was wrapping them for kickboxing. I set the camera on a timer and set it on the floor while I wrapped up my hands.

The last is a simple mother's day card I made up for my bud Nathan for him to give to his mom for Mother's Day. Simple as it may be, because there is so much to the patterned paper I think it really came together. I felt any additional embellishments would have made it look too busy.

I've about worn the C2P May kit completely out. I'm hoping to make a dent on the LRS kit this week, but I've got a few things in mind that might take away from scrapping. A friend from the gym clued me in to a used book store about 20 minutes from my place which I want to check out and I still have to squeeze in four visits to the gym (two down so far this week) and finish up shopping for Mother's Day and Mom's Graduation before I head home for both events.

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