Thursday, May 22, 2008

Much excitement for the weekend!

I'm so unbelievably thrilled for the weekend and visiting Amy. We are going to have a blast, plus the plan is to do some good time, C2P work with the new June kit (are you jealous that I not only get mine early...but I get to play with it with Amy herself?)!

Being around her is always so inspiring. The two of us get going and we just never stop. We discuss all sorts of things and talk about all sorts of other things. I thank everything for the internet bringing me such a great friend. I'm a lucky girl.


Auntie Em said...

Can ya swing by here and pick me up!!! Have fun, stay out of trouble! poor ray

bobbie said...

Have a great time!! And you know we'll want to see pix!!

kT said...

what are you talking about?!? Ray likes us!!! hehe.

*hugs from kt at amy's*

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