Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Inspired! mini book ideas

OLW this week has a guest designer for the current challenge (THINK). I am totally inspired by her mini book she made that I'm probably going to steal part of the idea for something for Champ. Here's the inspiration.

I want to theme my book about what I think of when I think of him. Bear with me while I jot some ideas down...(somewhere where I won't lose them)

When I think of you it's:

--all the little milestones as we round the corner on two years. Two years since we met, two years since we had our little spring break fling, two years since we were dating but not admitting to it, two years since we actually gave in and admitted to our feelings for each other. Two years for me is this huge thing that I've never accomplished before...I'm going to relish every moment.

--Excursions. Braves games, shows at the Fox, watching football at Stooges, Vegas, Amelia Island, movies at Atlantic Station, shopping trips to Target and Walmart...Everything is an adventure. You're the only person I've met who can consistently make everyday chores seem like a game.

--Support. Through all my ideas, my journeys, my plans and my messes. Everything I do and touch is worth your time to listen to me talk about it or have it thrust in your face. Most would have become overwhelmed or annoyed, but you run with it. You enjoy it.

Lack of sleep takes over. Jotting down the initial ideas works nicely though.


amy said...

i look forward to seeing this play out.

rev said...

hey, how cool. looking forward to see your book!!

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