Thursday, June 28, 2012

Links for Thursday

Struggling to get through Thursday? You aren't alone, promise. But I have a few things to make that afternoon lull go faster and get you to Friday all the quicker.

First up, A Loss For Words just released a new music video which is great. I am so excited about seeing them at Warped Tour. Can't even joke. A Boston band here in Atlanta!

Check it out and see why you should be excited too! They just released a few acoustic tracks which I still need to get my hands on but it's too good to ignore.

That's not enough? Check out the Young Statues Daytrotter session they recorded. Nothing these guys touch is bad and there's enough music to make that 4PM hour move a lot faster.

And just in case you do need more, The Endless Summer helped out on a cover of The Ready Set's song "Give Me Your Hand (The Best Song Ever)" to promote it. You can grab a couple of all seven covers, TES included here.

Hang in there kids. We'll get there together.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Album Review - Cara Salimando May EP

I think I'm developing a quick and fast girl crush on Cara Salimando. She's got a voice that just seems to cut to my core. And I don't usually like female vocalists. But man, I love this girl. Seriously.

I finally got around to listening to her May EP (one a month apparently), and it's perfect.

Both songs are beautiful, full of great feelings and while "Deceiver" is just that, deceiving in how heartbreaking it is, "Anthem" is tried and true. Cara's voice is impeccable, strong no matter what direction she takes it in (which is starting to become less and less necessary for singers these days, shame yes?).

"Deceiver" is that song for the girl who's in that relationship she's lost faith in. While her partner might be dreaming, thinking it's perfect, but she's pulling away. "I'll pull out the stitches." I love it. Such an interesting direction for a song to come at a relationship from, interesting and rare.

I think I heard both of these tracks live, and they were amazing, just a girl and the piano. She can back up the voice on the studio version. That's not help from a studio, that's all her. The full band version only adds to it, giving it a great feel over all, the kind of two track EP you listen to over and over again, No getting over it.

Check out the EP here, then pick it up on iTunes or TopSpin. You won't regret it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Prepping for the Half Marathon

It's been decided. Champ and I are running a half marathon in January. I know, absolute crazy talk, but we're crazy so it happens.

In prep, I've been running. Like out there on the trail by where we live running and it's been good, minus the part where the men who have twenty to thirty years on me dust me and finish two 5K loops before I can run/walk one. I'm still slow, still not quite there yet but getting there.

Because it's necessary, I've started a running playlist. Of course I only got through the G's on iTunes and it's already over an hour long (which for running is a long time I think). I figure I might as well share part of it, maybe inspire you to work on your own goals (not everyone needs to have fitness goals).

This is my first time using 8tracks, so bear with me as I catch up with the rest of the world.

Running and Running and Running from winglesswarrior on 8tracks.

But here's the listing:

1. Boys Like Girls - "Chemicals Collide"
Who doesn't love this song? Upbeat, slightly cheesy and fun to get you in the mood. I've moved it towards the top of the list something to put me in a good mood as I get started.

2. Austin Gibbs - "I Like the Ones Who"
Austin Gibbs is a total trip. So much fun to watch live and this song? Oh man this song puts me in a good mood. Total distraction from the fact that I can't breathe.

3. Cobra Starship - "Guilty Pleasure"
I love that this song is essentially about how I feel about this whole band. It's a guilty pleasure and when you're running? You need it.

4. B.o.B. - "Magic"
Don't laugh, I love this song. I love B.o.B. He's super talented. And this song is upbeat and fun to go with. Love it.

5. The Cab - "Bad"
Easily my favorite upbeat track off the Symphony Soldier album. It's fun, it's distracting and honestly? I love it. How can you be too winded when you've got this blasting in your ears?

6. Daft Punk - "Derezzed"
Towards the end, thought is gone and you need something like this one from the Tron Legacy soundtrack that makes you dream you're running on the game board rather than a trail where you wish you were dead.

7. Go Periscope - "She Said (Go Periscope Remix)"
So much by this group is added to my marathon play list. They are super talented and while this isn't usually my favorite genre? This is my favorite group in it. I love this remix, so much energy, more than enough to get through a work out.

8. Go Radio - "Thanks for Nothing"
Normally I wouldn't think that I would like Go Radio on a running playlist, but they've come up more than once off the 'driving' play list I was using and it's actually pretty great. I know, crazy, but it works.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Music For Monday - Matchbox Twenty

It's a throwback Monday for music, with today being rooted in one of my all-time favorite bands, Matchbox Twenty. Though throwback isn't entirely accurate anymore.

The guys have finished up another album and the AOL Music blog dropped the sneak peak of the single, "She's So Mean", that comes out tomorrow on their website. If you loved them before, you'll love this. It's amazing and it sounds like what we've always loved from Matchbox Twenty. Years later? They still have it.

So for your Monday? Check out the new song, get super excited for the album, then go back and re listen to the old stuff. Relive all the memories that comes with that music (there's no way their albums weren't soundtracks for your life, they were for mine for sure).

Friday, June 8, 2012

New Matchbox Twenty Single Snippet!

Matchbox Twenty is back and I couldn't be happier. Seriously, this was my band when I was younger and their music never, ever gets old.

They have a new album coming out at the end of the summer, and a new single that should debut before too long. They've released a 30-second teaser snippet of it and I seriously can't wait for more.


While you're at it, go play their "words" game on their website to get access to the snippet and to tweet your own special promo for the song!

Some Treats To Survive Friday

How's that Friday shaping up? I know it's still one of my favorite days of the week, but nothing is worse than the post-lunch Friday slump.

So I've got a few things to perk your day up, hopefully get you to 5pm (or 4pm or 3pm) sooner.

A friend sent me this video this week. I'm still trying to figure out who Landon Pigg is, but the story that came with the song is that he sent the video to a girl he's interested in. Watch the video, it's cute as hell and you'll go 'aww' over my friend. I'm also kind of sure I've heard this song before, but it's likely been in a million tv shows or whatever I've watched.

He's got a facebook page and I'll be cruising through that to find out more about him. (And possibly post about him again.)

(Speaking of 'songs on tv' did you know the new Boys Like Girls single - or so I'm assuming - is already on tv? It's in the new Biggest Loser commercials. Crazy right? Still deciding how I feel about that.)

This is the best thing ever. Members from The Early November, The Wonder Years, The Swellers, and, our favorite, Young Statues (look at Carmen!) recorded a cover of Semisonic's "Closing Time".

I'm beyond stoked that the whole little video is recorded by some school buses, because this song came out when I was in high school (junior or senior year...yes do that math and figure out how old I am) and I honestly felt like it would have been the best graduation song ever. Love it. Plus, come on, it's beautifully done. I'm bummed this tour isn't headed my way because it is likely a blast.

Speaking of The Early November, they have a new song out, "Frayed in Doubt", preview for their new album In Currents that's due out in July. And it's great. I'm so glad these guys are still doing what they do. And I officially need to listen to more of their stuff. Check it out:

Hopefully that helps a little, gets you through the afternoon and one step closer to the weekend!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

William Beckett Releases Video for "Compromising Me"

William Beckett's video for his new single "Compromising Me" just debuted on (apparently the only version of the Mtv genre that plays music...shock) and it's fantastic.

A little quirky, a little silly and full of William just being William. What can I say? I love it.

Get More:

Check it out and then pick up his new EP (if you haven't already) Walk the Talk on iTunes.


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