Thursday, June 28, 2012

Links for Thursday

Struggling to get through Thursday? You aren't alone, promise. But I have a few things to make that afternoon lull go faster and get you to Friday all the quicker.

First up, A Loss For Words just released a new music video which is great. I am so excited about seeing them at Warped Tour. Can't even joke. A Boston band here in Atlanta!

Check it out and see why you should be excited too! They just released a few acoustic tracks which I still need to get my hands on but it's too good to ignore.

That's not enough? Check out the Young Statues Daytrotter session they recorded. Nothing these guys touch is bad and there's enough music to make that 4PM hour move a lot faster.

And just in case you do need more, The Endless Summer helped out on a cover of The Ready Set's song "Give Me Your Hand (The Best Song Ever)" to promote it. You can grab a couple of all seven covers, TES included here.

Hang in there kids. We'll get there together.


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