Thursday, June 14, 2012

Album Review - Cara Salimando May EP

I think I'm developing a quick and fast girl crush on Cara Salimando. She's got a voice that just seems to cut to my core. And I don't usually like female vocalists. But man, I love this girl. Seriously.

I finally got around to listening to her May EP (one a month apparently), and it's perfect.

Both songs are beautiful, full of great feelings and while "Deceiver" is just that, deceiving in how heartbreaking it is, "Anthem" is tried and true. Cara's voice is impeccable, strong no matter what direction she takes it in (which is starting to become less and less necessary for singers these days, shame yes?).

"Deceiver" is that song for the girl who's in that relationship she's lost faith in. While her partner might be dreaming, thinking it's perfect, but she's pulling away. "I'll pull out the stitches." I love it. Such an interesting direction for a song to come at a relationship from, interesting and rare.

I think I heard both of these tracks live, and they were amazing, just a girl and the piano. She can back up the voice on the studio version. That's not help from a studio, that's all her. The full band version only adds to it, giving it a great feel over all, the kind of two track EP you listen to over and over again, No getting over it.

Check out the EP here, then pick it up on iTunes or TopSpin. You won't regret it.


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