Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Getting Back on Track

've talked briefly about not having the urge to write, to talk about music, what I'm hearing, what's coming, any of it. I have to admit that even a trip to Warped Tour (my very first) didn't bring it out in me. I got to see some artists I've loved since Boston, some names I've always wanted to see live, and go back to the part of me that wanted nothing more than to be a high school aged scene kid (how else is there to react to seeing New Found Glory live?). Warped Tour was awesome despite the collection of bad life choices I saw around me, the sunburnt masses and that feeling that maybe I am getting too old for this.

But it's been a rough summer, dealing with the overwhelming heartache and confusion that is one of my favorite bands and where their new directions have been taking them (I'm still not impressed with that EP). I haven't been to that many shows lately, mostly because there haven't been any. Go Radio bypassed Atlanta on their mini tour, same with a few other groups and there've been a few bands that have skipped through town either on nights I couldn't go out or only as supporting acts for headliners I couldn't care less about. The fall has much more potential tour-wise, starting tonight with Boys Like Girls back in action and my own tempered heart is ready to burst from mixed feelings.

That isn't all of it though. It's been a sad few months, watching two bands I love, one I had high hopes for, another that's part of my everyday soundtrack, opt to hang up the proverbial hat.

The Endless Summer, who I've talked about frequently and adore called it quits about a month back, much to the surprise of their fanbase (though maybe not? We hadn't heard anything from them in a few months) and I couldn't help but have my heart broken. I adore the sound these kids put into things and I feel like there will be more to come from them, but I'm also sure we're just sort of waiting to see what happens. I hate seine good talent go to waste, and these guys have good talent. If I hear more, obviously I'll keep you updated, but I am dealing with the heartache as well.

Add into that the decision made by Andrew McMahon to lay Jack's Mannequin to rest and you can see why I'm frustrated. I've been in love with everything he's touched so far, obviously still a big Something Corporate fan and of course it's impossible not to like Jack's Mannequin. I hate that things change like they do, but am not actually afraid that McMahon will stop playing and writing music, it's just time for a new chapter. I guess I'm the kid that loves the book too much to see it end. But end it has, and if you were curious? He's posted their last song on soundcloud. Definitely worth a listen or twelve.

So while all this depresses me to no end, there's some good news on the horizon. Go Radio did put out a new album, one I'm still hoping to get my hands on soon. I did just greedily get my hands on the new Matchbox Twenty album and the Yellowcard album, both of which I am hoping to get reviews out for soon (though be forewarned the MB20 review might be a lot of 'omg my band is back' as the inner 7th grader resurfaces). The Maine put out a new EP which is, as expected, an epic blending of what they've done in the past and what they're doing now. That review should come up shortly as well.

Other bands are working on new things including three of my New England local favorites, Young Statues and Ghost Thrower are recording new things and Early Morning Blues is busy writing.

All is not lost, and I'm trying to find my steam again. There's a collection of upcoming shows I want to see, beyond the BLG / All American Rejects show I hit tonight, including Yellowcard, Mayday Parade & The Maine, and Cage the Elephant. Hopefully I can make it out to most. I keep hoping for a return to Boston, though the date on that isn't set, I'm determined to get there before the year ends.

So things are looking up, and I'm going to try and write again, more regularly, with updates, I might even tell some of my Warped Tour stories.

Thanks for sticking with me if you did, and keep rockin'. If the world's gonna end in a few months we might as well go out with a bang.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Swellers - "Running Out of Places to Go" Pre-Order

It's always a little frustration to me when I can't place when it is that I got into a band, because I always feel like there's something sort of important to the history of liking a musician. I was into really different music at 10, then completely different music at 16, then again at 21 and even now I'm still listening to more variety, but my expectations have changed drastically.

Honestly, I love the whole part in "High Fidelity" when the main character is sorting his vinyl 'autobiographically'. That gives me weird chills to think about.

That said, I have no idea when I or why I started following The Swellers" on Twitter. More than likely it's from when I posted about the collaboration video that they were in on with Young Statues covering "Closing Time".

So, admittedly, I was surprised when I clicked play to listen to "Making Waves" a track off their new EP Running Out of Places to Go on their bandcamp page. The kind of surprised where I went "...wait. Why haven't I been listening to everything this band plays?"

It's not just a matter of the strong lyrics with stronger guitar and drum lines remind me of my early college day where my whole music collection was punk rock just like this, music that had you driving about 10 mph faster than you should, banging your head to a beat that's a touch too fast to bang your head to (that slightly dizzy feeling is the best). It makes me want to find my chucks and go watch a concert outside in the summer heat.

Better yet? You can still pre-order the new EP, right off the bandcamp page. Pick it up, get it coming your way and do like me and look into everything they've ever put out there. We'll rock out together.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Kyoto Drive Release Music Vide for "Breathe"

I feel like an apology is due to get us started, because it's been so long. I've been in sort of a music rut lately, listening to a lot of old stuff over and over again and very uninspired. I'm probably going to post about that too.

But! Now that I'm back I've got a treat for you.

English band Kyoto Drive has put out a music video for "Breathe" which is off the mini-album "The Approach", which I reviewed already. I already really enjoyed the album, so adding a video to the mix is always a good thing.

The video, which was produced by Josh Patridge (who's also done work with Sell Your Sky), is stunning. It's got a great feel to it, sort of a fun boy/girl story, great for a song that's essentially about sex (a good song about sex mind you).

Trust me, you need to watch this video.

Kyoto Drive is off to big things, hitting the road this fall with Hawthorne Heights (yup them) in the UK and then touring with There for Tomorrow through Europe. It's not stateside yet, but at this rate, I'm sure we're bound to hear more from them.

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