Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Swellers - "Running Out of Places to Go" Pre-Order

It's always a little frustration to me when I can't place when it is that I got into a band, because I always feel like there's something sort of important to the history of liking a musician. I was into really different music at 10, then completely different music at 16, then again at 21 and even now I'm still listening to more variety, but my expectations have changed drastically.

Honestly, I love the whole part in "High Fidelity" when the main character is sorting his vinyl 'autobiographically'. That gives me weird chills to think about.

That said, I have no idea when I or why I started following The Swellers" on Twitter. More than likely it's from when I posted about the collaboration video that they were in on with Young Statues covering "Closing Time".

So, admittedly, I was surprised when I clicked play to listen to "Making Waves" a track off their new EP Running Out of Places to Go on their bandcamp page. The kind of surprised where I went "...wait. Why haven't I been listening to everything this band plays?"

It's not just a matter of the strong lyrics with stronger guitar and drum lines remind me of my early college day where my whole music collection was punk rock just like this, music that had you driving about 10 mph faster than you should, banging your head to a beat that's a touch too fast to bang your head to (that slightly dizzy feeling is the best). It makes me want to find my chucks and go watch a concert outside in the summer heat.

Better yet? You can still pre-order the new EP, right off the bandcamp page. Pick it up, get it coming your way and do like me and look into everything they've ever put out there. We'll rock out together.


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