Thursday, February 28, 2008

Something I meant to show you!

I knew there was another link I wanted to share with yall on the last post.

I was added as a contact on flickr by Hillary Haden, of The Cutting Edge (I love flickr ). In her
flickrsite she's got a ton of stuff that you can get off her Etsy site. So many cute things!! I love the drive in tags!

Some of her stuff has even made appearances in Jenny Bowlin's kit club!! Def check it out ok?

Good things to check out, good news and updates

Updates first: I'm now to the seriously considering starting up a forum that crosses the scrapbooking globe if you will. I'd love to see us all together sharing what we have from our different kits, LSS shopping experiences, conventions, online vitories and Hobby Lobby overbuys. Plus with so many of us considering breaks (or at least spending less time) on other boards linked to different kits, it would be shame to see friends go their own way without a home base for us all to come back to.

So right now I'm just working on putting together details with which site i want to run the forum off of. I've narrowed it down to about three different sites. I just need to do more research. Expect things to get launched very soon though. I'll need your support getting things going and getting others involved.

Some good things to check out (most of these are from Ali's post today...but these were my favorites and they deserve sharing):

--Loving the concept of the Hope Notes, part of Hope Revolution and seriously considering playing along. Even better yet, check out the flickr group.

--Service: this might make you cry. Don't watch it at work.

--This fasicnated me. I love old pictures. I want to find all the old ones from when my mom was a kid, perhaps a trip to visit my uncle is in the works as he still lives in their old house. I have to wait until it's warm because I won't brave upstate NY in the winter.

I mentioned in a previous post about the Design for Mankind e-zine about Inspiration. You can see the first issue here and the second here. The newest one was just released this week, so it's brand new. I love this. I love seeing the inspiration that other people have, where it comes from. And Erin, who's in charge of the whole things, always posts things like "email me if you want to be involved in the next issue".

Today I took the plunge and emailed her. I told her I wasn't published, or accomplished, but I was different because I was an engineer and an artist. I thought I had something special to bring to the table. I asked her what it would take to be included. I hit send and then before I freaked out about it, I went back to work.

Minutes later an email popped up from her and she wants me to submit my stuff. With a focus on an inspirational corner of a home (can anyone else say "my brand new scrap space"?) . I freaked out, told her immediately i was interested and now have until the 16th to get my stuff in order. So keep an eye out for me. Holy cow. (I keep telling myself to breathe and not panic, haha).

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

kit clubs

So most of you know I'm already getting two kits every month: Little Red Scrapbook and ScrapGoods. I'm adoring LRS. The kits are fully of papers that I wouldn't even consider buy sometimes, but then there's always a few pages where I'm like, "yes i would buy this on my own". The pieces go together nicely, the colors are usually pretty vibrant the material choices lend to different styles (you can make it more modern, or bohemian, or traditional, depending on how you use it, what you add to it--although you don't usually need to add too much to it.).

There have been some problems with SG though. They recently changed the kit style with a smaller kit every other month. This doesn't usually bother me, because I've looked at The It kit, which is the same premise. But I feel like you get more out of the small months with TIK. When I got my Feb kit from SG, it was somewhat of a disappointment.

Another problem that's come up has nothing to do with the kit itself. There have been some...issues (for lack of a better word) on the message boards with some unhappy women who feel the need to start things when they aren't the center of attention. I feel personally that they are a lot of talk. I enjoy that they boast that they are the same on the boards as they are in real life (impossible), but that people want to meet them and then are offended by outright they are. Perhaps I'm old fashion and too Southern, but I'm blunt person, but I also have tact. That's an important trait. With tact you can say whatever you like and get away with it. Honestly though I've never had a desire to meet either person. What's worse is the way they like to attack people. I hate that. I was attacked a lot as a young person, and I've come a long way. I've learned how to be terribly charismatic. I hate seeing people like that hurt people, like those other girls hurt me. It's just...wrong.

So I'm going to get my March kit, but another move might be in the works. The new kit layout seems to run the risk of costing me more than I would normally like to pay anyway. Ideas for a move (while keeping LRS): Story of My Life, Cocoa Daisy, Cupcake Scrapshop, and the Jenni Bowlin kit. I've got one of the older SomL kits already, but I haven't had a chance to crack into it yet. That one will probably win out because I love how unique it is.

I know some of you were asking, we'd love to see you getting LRS with us (Amy and I get it and one of our friends through the LJ scrapbooking community). I'm curious about starting my own message board (seeing what it would take to run that, mod that) and getting my friends from my other sites all together on one. Not tie it to one kit, let people have whatever they want. Get everyone on flickr and post to a group gallery...hmm. Who'd be interested?

Apologies and frustrations

I owe yall apologies. I've been MIA. Totally not on purpose (I've been posting on my other blog like a lunatic). And I've not given up the 365 projects either. My flickr is still full of new pictures of me (and other things).

I got some good scrapping done a few weeks ago, but I've had to take a huge break because of life getting in the way of my hobby. Starting kickboxing has been amazing, but it's starting to actually take up time. Luckily I love hitting things as hard as I can for a hour.

Hopefully this week I can break into my LRS kits (Jan and Feb, oh and Dec) a little bit more. I'm seriously loving the kit. The small-kit for Scrapgoods was somewhat of a let down. It just wasn't as exciting to get such a small ammount of things. On the upside my stuff from Story of My Life showed up the same day so I had some fun more "modern" things to look through. Here's to incorporating everything into my scrapping.

I do miss the release though. Creating something.

Anyone else in a slump? or just at a point where life gets in the way?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


A friend today showed me this, which got me all creative-feeling. Started thinking about getting where I get inspiration from in a blurb. Thought about it while walking around work. And I thought it would be a good idea to share it.

I'm deep down, born or at least completely trained to be an engineer. I'm awed by symetery, aerodynamics, order, patterns and math. Fractals even. Airflow, shockwaves and the way things break.

But I also consider myself a writer, so I'm captured by words, by synonyms, by long novels and short peoms. Imagery, metaphors and sometimes even the run-on rambling sentence.

And there's inspiration in other places too. In the sky, with its sunrises and sunsets. In colors...all colors. In flight. In smiles, movies, friends and family. In things created by other people.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

tattoo musings...

I've been thinking about my next tat a lot lately. I thought i had it all figured out, what i wanted. I KNOW i want some sort of cheery blossom (sakura) tat, but I was thinking i'd just get the branch on my shoulder blade. maybe toss in the kanji for it. But then I figure I'll have to wait on that, as my mother would have a fit if you could see it in wedding pictures and since i'm not even engaged yet...You catch my drift. That was like on the five year plan.

So i started thinking about my foot again. I desperately wanted a shooting star on my foot, something small ya know? But last summer or the one before that (probably the one where I was living at home after graduating from college), a family friend brought her younger sister with her over to the house and she had this great tat that covered a good chunk of her foot with a hibiscus flower. I'm not into hibicuses (well not enough to have it tattooed on my body) but I loved that tat, the location, the look of it and everything.

So i started thinking again about getting something bigger, along my foot like that. Either something celestial or something floral, but i was torn. Then i saw this. I don't love this. The design has way too much yellow and light green. But i started thinking about just the flowers (less branch) and having that kind of going down my ankle like this. Plus if i get just flowers and petals i could mix some stars in there as well then it would totally be me. and instead of the branch some sort of flourish to make it looks as if it's all moving in the wind. I dunno. I'm serioulsy liking this idea though.


note: this does present a problem. Now i'm thinking i want wings on my back again (gaH!) again on the five year plan so I have some time. haha.

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