Wednesday, February 6, 2008


A friend today showed me this, which got me all creative-feeling. Started thinking about getting where I get inspiration from in a blurb. Thought about it while walking around work. And I thought it would be a good idea to share it.

I'm deep down, born or at least completely trained to be an engineer. I'm awed by symetery, aerodynamics, order, patterns and math. Fractals even. Airflow, shockwaves and the way things break.

But I also consider myself a writer, so I'm captured by words, by synonyms, by long novels and short peoms. Imagery, metaphors and sometimes even the run-on rambling sentence.

And there's inspiration in other places too. In the sky, with its sunrises and sunsets. In colors...all colors. In flight. In smiles, movies, friends and family. In things created by other people.


lara said...

that just made me visualize a collage of some crazy abstract stuff!

i used to be inspired by fractals as well - until i had to try and program an application in C++ (or was it Pascal) to make them. OMG - does that make me old that i actually took a programming class in Pascal?

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