Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Apologies and frustrations

I owe yall apologies. I've been MIA. Totally not on purpose (I've been posting on my other blog like a lunatic). And I've not given up the 365 projects either. My flickr is still full of new pictures of me (and other things).

I got some good scrapping done a few weeks ago, but I've had to take a huge break because of life getting in the way of my hobby. Starting kickboxing has been amazing, but it's starting to actually take up time. Luckily I love hitting things as hard as I can for a hour.

Hopefully this week I can break into my LRS kits (Jan and Feb, oh and Dec) a little bit more. I'm seriously loving the kit. The small-kit for Scrapgoods was somewhat of a let down. It just wasn't as exciting to get such a small ammount of things. On the upside my stuff from Story of My Life showed up the same day so I had some fun more "modern" things to look through. Here's to incorporating everything into my scrapping.

I do miss the release though. Creating something.

Anyone else in a slump? or just at a point where life gets in the way?


Auntie Em said...

I've been looking at LRS myself so don't be surprised if you see me pop in!! And yeah, post more, ya poopy. Have to live vicariously through you guys.... tell Amy hi.

amy said...

tell joyce, i see her hi and i raise her one in return.

also, i am thinking maybe story of my life may be a new direction. we'll see after this months scrapgoods.

Auntie Em said...


Miss ya lady.

K, I just love all the pics in your header.

Story of my life? Kit club I take it? Off to google

lara said...

Anyone else in a slump? or just at a point where life gets in the way?

yes and yes.

i'm starting to think i may want to do this kickboxing thing at knuckle up - sounds more hardcore than the one i do at golds which isn't really hardcore at all.

which KU do you go to?

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