Sunday, February 3, 2008

tattoo musings...

I've been thinking about my next tat a lot lately. I thought i had it all figured out, what i wanted. I KNOW i want some sort of cheery blossom (sakura) tat, but I was thinking i'd just get the branch on my shoulder blade. maybe toss in the kanji for it. But then I figure I'll have to wait on that, as my mother would have a fit if you could see it in wedding pictures and since i'm not even engaged yet...You catch my drift. That was like on the five year plan.

So i started thinking about my foot again. I desperately wanted a shooting star on my foot, something small ya know? But last summer or the one before that (probably the one where I was living at home after graduating from college), a family friend brought her younger sister with her over to the house and she had this great tat that covered a good chunk of her foot with a hibiscus flower. I'm not into hibicuses (well not enough to have it tattooed on my body) but I loved that tat, the location, the look of it and everything.

So i started thinking again about getting something bigger, along my foot like that. Either something celestial or something floral, but i was torn. Then i saw this. I don't love this. The design has way too much yellow and light green. But i started thinking about just the flowers (less branch) and having that kind of going down my ankle like this. Plus if i get just flowers and petals i could mix some stars in there as well then it would totally be me. and instead of the branch some sort of flourish to make it looks as if it's all moving in the wind. I dunno. I'm serioulsy liking this idea though.


note: this does present a problem. Now i'm thinking i want wings on my back again (gaH!) again on the five year plan so I have some time. haha.


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