Friday, November 30, 2012

Young Alive Release new EP "American Gentleman"

My favorite dudes in Young Alive (formerly Anchors), dropped their new EP, American Gentleman, today. Go get your hands on a copy on their bandcamp page today. It's epic, and totally worth it.

I've heard a few of the tunes before (actually all but 1) and everything is fantastic. These guys have a great hold on alternative rock, though I do have to admit the re-done version (almost acoustic) of "The Weight of a Hummingbird" is my favorite. It's beautiful and intoxicating. I've said it before, but it's haunting. And I love that about it.

The rest of the tracks don't fail though. "Kingdom Come" starts off strong and keeps that energy throughout the track, same with the title track "American Gentleman". I believe I'm echoing myself again, but I don't mind repeating it: Young Alive is bringing talent back to the alternative rock genre.

Grab your copy and get a jumpstart on the weekend.

Like what you hear? The guys have a few shows coming up in December/January in the Boston area. Find the date closest to you and head out to see them.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Music for Monday: Stages and Stereos

This Monday hurts, but I'm blaming that one on age, starting to become nocturnal and possibly sleeping on the couch after a show on Saturday night. That said? It was one of the best shows I've been to in a bit.

There'll be more to come on it later (and everything else I've been up to concert wise), but I wanted to get one thing out there, straight away, and that thing being, the next big thing you'll be listening to.

If you've got plans to see the Go Radio Go To Hell tour that's coming through your town do it. Not only are Go Radio perfect, Paradise Fears a ton of fun, but the first opener is the pure gold sounds of Stages and Stereos. And it is pure gold. The group is fronted by Daniel Lancaster, who's name, yes, does sound familiar as he's the younger sibling of Go Radio front man Jason Lancaster. Don't think this means they're a copycat of all things Go Radio, because they aren't. Stages and Stereos marches to their own drum, and does it well. Daniel's voice resembles Jason's, but not enough to sound the same and their style is more of a Taking Back Sunday (or even, shockingly enough, early Mayday Parade). They just released and EP that I picked up at the show, Anchorless and it's fantastic. Really it is. Four songs of great music, vocals, all of it. Bonus? If you get to see the guys out on tour with Go Radio, look for guitarist Zach. He's a total doll, super friendly and eager to talk about the band, anything. Give him a hug and tell him he's great.

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