About Wingless Warrior

There's always a fight to be fought.

Most well known as the winglesswarrior and previously known as rocketgirl13, I've done my best to leave a small imprint on the internet and I've done my best to carve out my own little niche.

I have a degree in engineering with a passion for airplanes, the airlines and fixing things that are broken. I'm a crafter with a love for making something out of nothing, using my hands and seeing things come to life.

Above all I'm a writer, mostly immersed in music, doing album reviews, concert reviews and meeting artists who love to talk about their craft. I've had the honor of meeting one of my personal heroes and I have to say, it's pretty awesome that he knows me by name and looks forward to seeing me at shows.

I listen to a variety of music, whether recommended by friends, pushed by twitter or heard in tv shows and on the radio. I'm of the firm belief that music will save us all in the end.

If you want more, follow me on twitter or tumblr.

Feel free to contact me, especially if you have new music for me to check out!

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