Tuesday, February 26, 2008

kit clubs

So most of you know I'm already getting two kits every month: Little Red Scrapbook and ScrapGoods. I'm adoring LRS. The kits are fully of papers that I wouldn't even consider buy sometimes, but then there's always a few pages where I'm like, "yes i would buy this on my own". The pieces go together nicely, the colors are usually pretty vibrant the material choices lend to different styles (you can make it more modern, or bohemian, or traditional, depending on how you use it, what you add to it--although you don't usually need to add too much to it.).

There have been some problems with SG though. They recently changed the kit style with a smaller kit every other month. This doesn't usually bother me, because I've looked at The It kit, which is the same premise. But I feel like you get more out of the small months with TIK. When I got my Feb kit from SG, it was somewhat of a disappointment.

Another problem that's come up has nothing to do with the kit itself. There have been some...issues (for lack of a better word) on the message boards with some unhappy women who feel the need to start things when they aren't the center of attention. I feel personally that they are a lot of talk. I enjoy that they boast that they are the same on the boards as they are in real life (impossible), but that people want to meet them and then are offended by outright they are. Perhaps I'm old fashion and too Southern, but I'm blunt person, but I also have tact. That's an important trait. With tact you can say whatever you like and get away with it. Honestly though I've never had a desire to meet either person. What's worse is the way they like to attack people. I hate that. I was attacked a lot as a young person, and I've come a long way. I've learned how to be terribly charismatic. I hate seeing people like that hurt people, like those other girls hurt me. It's just...wrong.

So I'm going to get my March kit, but another move might be in the works. The new kit layout seems to run the risk of costing me more than I would normally like to pay anyway. Ideas for a move (while keeping LRS): Story of My Life, Cocoa Daisy, Cupcake Scrapshop, and the Jenni Bowlin kit. I've got one of the older SomL kits already, but I haven't had a chance to crack into it yet. That one will probably win out because I love how unique it is.

I know some of you were asking, we'd love to see you getting LRS with us (Amy and I get it and one of our friends through the LJ scrapbooking community). I'm curious about starting my own message board (seeing what it would take to run that, mod that) and getting my friends from my other sites all together on one. Not tie it to one kit, let people have whatever they want. Get everyone on flickr and post to a group gallery...hmm. Who'd be interested?


Auntie Em said...

Very cool idea! Especially bringing in experiences with many diff kits, feeding the creative monster!!! Go for it. I'll keep checking back to see where you take it.

lara said...

not sure what you're proposing.
but i love your reviews of the kits - i've been kinda interested in these type of subscriptions but never know which would fit me the best.

i also like your definition of tact :D

bobbie said...

I'd be interested... I'll keep checking back~

Amy said...

i was just about to ask you where you were considering adding as a second kit. last night ray and i talked about what would possibly be happening after i get this kit from SG. the thing is bang for the buck imo and this new format while it has the potential for costing less on the off months, has the potential for costing more in the larger months, with less bang.

i appreciate that site and continue to think that there are a lot of incredibly talented people there, but in the long run, does the direction they are going jive with the direction i am going?

i was looking at SoML but am going to look at the other ones you are looking at. we really scored with LRS the way that we did. we never heard back from BG kits, did we? i think they may be too bohemian for me though. i think we have similar enough styles we could go the same direction again if you are interested.

lets email.

Auntie Em said...

By BG you mean the Big Girl? Hmmm, the tactless ones have migrated there, so I'll skip that one!!

Like Amy said, SG has lots of great talent and plenty of wonderful ladies I call friends. Plus I like techniques, but I don't think I'll be doing DT again. Get just the basic kits.

Has anyone looked at Paper Jam Studio?

amy said...

bg meaning bad girls. we were waitlisted there months ago but hadnt heard back. but thats cool.
and i am not sure what you mean by the tactless ones. but again, not sure i want to know...
not seen paper jam. i'll have to check it out.

amy said...

just looked at paper jam studio and while its interesting... not me. PLUS pjs kit for feb is almost identical to the lrs january kit.

kT said...

tactless = the bitches. it's my blog i can say whatever the hell i like. You know who they are.

I did hear back from BG but deleted the email. i was still on the fence about it.

My style is so freaking off the wall i could do anything. i just make things look pretty. haha.

SEE!!! see why the board would be a good idea? i'm about 85% sure i'm going through with it.

ladynurse4 said...

i would like to see a board not connected to a particular kit as well. with posting of lo's from the different kits and maybe a little of what we like or don't like about each kit without bashing! I get LRS too and like that you get a lot of paper that coordinates, but on the other hand I like a lot of different things at once so I am attracted to back porch memories and the scrap room as you get a few papers for three or four different manufacturers in each kit with cardstock and partial packages of embellies too.

kT said...

oh B! I'm loving the scrap room stuff. HMM you have added another to the list.

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