Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Some Link Fun

Not sure if you are an avid reader like me, but Ali Edward's series about photos + words this week is fantastic. Today's post is a personal favorite. I'm always pushing for people to explore the world of journaling. In the future when someone looks at your pages that isn't your significant other standing next you while you grab his(her) arm yelling "OH look what I just did honey!" (there are other people that do this right?), you want them to be able to see the whole picture. A picture is typically worth a thousand words, but how many times do you wish you knew which thousand words they actually are? Wouldn't all of our questions be answered if DaVinci had just made some notes on the back of the Mona Lisa canvas?

Even more so the only way to get better at writing is to write more. Write every day. Eevery single day. I know I do it. Sometimes it's just an email, but I try to expand my writing even in just my emails. I try to write full sentances. (It's ok; sometimes you have to send the "OMG SQUEEE" email because your roomie got asked out on a date or something. That's completely acceptable.) So many people complain about writing blogs, or journaling on layouts because they are so afraid of errors or of what they wrote just sounding silly. Sometimes it's going to sound silly. That's how things go. But the more you do it, the better it gets. Reading more helps with this as well. (In the case of reading, blogs + are good, but I really recomend expanding into books.) Don't know where to start? Try Good Reads (add me as a friend! or check out my "read" list, which you can access off the link on the right hand menu bar.), or this great list.

And for my music lovers. In case you didn't know, Nine Inch Nails is offering their newest album for free download off their website. I've only listened through once and it's pretty good if that's genre you are interested in.

Hope everyone is having a lovely mid-week!


Auntie Em said...

Yay for journaling!!! Sometimes working on a BOM is a good way to start opening up to "say" more in our journaling, instead of just the old who what when where and why.

Great tips and links.

And I think blogging helps!

bobbie said...

KT ~ I guess I'm lucky; I LOVE to write, so journaling has never been a problem for me...thanks for the great tips!!

design for mankind. said...

Awww, I liked this post! Full of wonderful places to go--- THANK YOU! :)

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