Friday, September 7, 2012

Kyoto Drive Release Music Vide for "Breathe"

I feel like an apology is due to get us started, because it's been so long. I've been in sort of a music rut lately, listening to a lot of old stuff over and over again and very uninspired. I'm probably going to post about that too.

But! Now that I'm back I've got a treat for you.

English band Kyoto Drive has put out a music video for "Breathe" which is off the mini-album "The Approach", which I reviewed already. I already really enjoyed the album, so adding a video to the mix is always a good thing.

The video, which was produced by Josh Patridge (who's also done work with Sell Your Sky), is stunning. It's got a great feel to it, sort of a fun boy/girl story, great for a song that's essentially about sex (a good song about sex mind you).

Trust me, you need to watch this video.

Kyoto Drive is off to big things, hitting the road this fall with Hawthorne Heights (yup them) in the UK and then touring with There for Tomorrow through Europe. It's not stateside yet, but at this rate, I'm sure we're bound to hear more from them.


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