Thursday, November 29, 2007

it's been a mixed few days

The emotions have been back and forth today and yesterday with a mixture of good news and bad news. Good news involves things like one of my best friends coming into town, getting things finalized for our christmas party (well the evite sent out), some awesome happenings on my tv shows (Olivia Wilde staying on House, Sylar and Maya making out on Heroes--not that i care about their storyline, the tension was driving me nuts--plus all the other goings on that show, Bones and Booth...). But in the sad news it would seem my new kit club i JUST joined is taking a hiatus in January with no promise of return. This makes me a little more than sad, as I just got involved in the message boards, started making new friends and more. The women on the site seem determined to keep the group together in some way, so i'm sure i'll be involved in that.

That being said i'm on the prowl for a new kit for January. I have some idea in my head but we'll see how previews look and then I'll work from there.


hepmomto3 said...

I'm liking Red Velvet Club.

I'm with you on House. So glad the other woman is gone. MAN her character was annoying me!!!

amy said...
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