Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I got a comment from a scrapbooking friend about my "style" and how much she enjoyed it. This is like the ultimate compliment in my opinion, because it's one thing to have someone say they like one of your layouts. That's an opinion that can be judged on anything--the colors you used happened to be their favorite, it's a cute picture, you used something they have, a layout they can see themselves doing. But to compliment someone's style? That's their work as a whole.

But then you end up back at that age old question. What is your style? Some days I honestly don't think I have one. I just do what I like on a page and I like too many different things (I see this problem with like...all aspects of my life, not just scrapbooking). But I think nailing down your style is more than just doing something that's always the same. I think it comes from the feel of your work. My pages don't all look alike (unless i'm hooked on a certain pp pack or something) but they do have some of a similar feel. But that's not the convential definition of style. Style is too hard to nail down, too hard to define.


hepmomto3 said...

I like your style too girl. ;) Mine is kind of a hodge-podge because I'm trying out all sorts of things, trying to get away from jsut a linear look.

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