Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I mentioned these cards in a previous post and sinc they are already uploaded I figured I should just post them.

They are pretty simple since the main embellishment was supposed to be stickers from our stash. I think for the next batch I make I might step it up a little bit. But I did get two votes for them as favorites for the challenge so to me that's pretty good (especially since so many others did such awesome cards!).

This was also the first time I've ever ripped paper to put on a LO (or etc.). I was nervous and then I realized I ripped it the wrong way (the other side has the great white paper contrast). Either way though I think I kind of like the idea.

A big thing I loved about the challenge (make either cards or LOs with stickers are the main embellishment) was the stuff I used! I have all this stuff hoarded away in case I might need it and it's silly. This way I was getting rid of it and found something fun to make from it. I also used only scrap paper which was fun because I have TONS of it (I'm so afraid to throw anything away).

What would you come up with?


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