Thursday, October 25, 2007


I love this picture. It's the current favorite one I have of the two of us. It's just so us. Champ looks happy and I look at peace. Which is how we are. I'm happy of course, but being peaceful with my mind, body and soul is more of what makes us

But how do I scrap it?

I've been torn for days about how to get it into a layout. I'm just flat out stuck. It's such a beautiful shot with the beach in the background, the colors came out lovely...but I'm stuck. NOTHING is jumping out and inspriring me. Help?


Anonymous said...

Alright, sit down, grab a piece of cardstock, or PP with the colors of the blue in the background. Then grab a hand full of scraps and make yourself use all of it. Then hopefully the embelishments will just come to you. You should try it. That's what I've been doing it. I make myself use the certain things, and find a creative way to do it.

--Christina (TinaLynn510)

lara said...

Find a quote you really like that embodies the picture - or pick one out of your journalling/description and use that to start painting a picture with it? Then you'll have 2 elements of a page!

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