Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reader Request: Pink & Navy Inspiration Board

I'm having the worst time deciding on a color scheme. As I was telling hubs-to-be, I feel like there is a wrong answer and right answer and I feel like I can't figure out which is which. I know this is irrational, but us engineers work a certain way and this is how I am.

I had thought about navy and green, but ran into an issue with that (a friend pointed out that the color combo was what she's always wanted and then I felt bad and on top of that I got frustrated with the flower options--which are few and far between).

Now I'm leaning towards navy and pink. Kati over at The Finer Things helped me out with this fantastic inspriation board:

Kudos to her for her help. Let me know what you think? (As for shades I'm leaning towards darker pinks, more jewel tones (since it's a september wedding).


bobbie said...

I like the jewel tones idea...

Brenda said...

Feel free to check out the navy and pink wedding inspiration board I've recently created for additional ideas.

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