Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finds: Fellow*, Mankind Mag, creative projects

I haven't posted it yet, but the newest issue of James, DECOR FELLOW's online mag, Fellow* is up. Make sure you check it out, as per usual, it's full of fantastic ideas and more. As always, I love James' work.

My other favorite online mag just put up the newest issue well!! Erin over at Design for Mankind has done something spectacular with the newest issue of Mankind Mag, The Feets and Feats Issue. I might have gotten a little choked up at one point. It's truly beautiful, just like we've come to expect from Erin.

I feel like I should have mentioned this last week, but I like to see more of final product before I spring it on you. Ali Edwards is currently working on a week in the life project at her blog (with blog followers tagigng along and doing the project with her). She says it parallels one of the classes she's taught at CKU and similiar events if you've attended one of those before. Personally I'd love to try this project for a few weeks this year, esp with the wedding planning that's getting started. I think I needed to see how things shaped up though before I made a decision. The above link takes you to the entire set of posts thus far.


design for mankind. said...

oh you are such a sweetheart--- thank you for always supporting me, dear. :)

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