Thursday, October 14, 2010

Photo Journals + Some Great News

I just joined an e-course done by Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess (and what a beautiful mess indeed. I need have a new blog crush!).

I'm so excited about this course. It's fun for me because it's got all the tutorials, but unlike an e-class, I can get everything at once which means I can work at my own pace. Or in my case out of order.

The idea of tackling a collection of photo books? I'm so excited. Now to come up with themes...

In other great news? My lil sis in the sorority and in a way my real little sister Cressie just got engaged!! She and her boyfriend Chris are in New Zealand for a post-law-school-trip (I've only read about this tradition via Meag's blog) and he finally popped the question.

I must much as I love people getting married especially my friends, this one is special for me. I met Cressie (the second time) on our study abroad trip, Chris at the same place. Back then they were only friends, but you could just see that it was going to work out. I think I gave her crap about that back then too.

When Chris asked me for help with ring information this year? I almost died of excitement and now it's happening! I can't wait. I think I actually missed wedding planning and now I got to do it again. I know that I did offer my services (for planning!) to our friend Mel who got engaged to our friend Greg (one of the groomsmen). So maybe I'm ready to do this again without the stress of my mother around. (I still love her!)

CONGRATS CRESSIE AND CHRIS! It's going to be amazing!


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