Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Better Part of a Decade

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It came out in the news today (or it got big news pull today) that Prince William has finally proposed. I know I looked at the magazine cover and the new today and thought to myself "well finally" because face it, he's been dating this girl for eons and they've been speculating about their engagement since day one.

After a moment though I took a step back and shook my head. How far have you really come? I asked myself. If this news had come out ten years ago in 2000, it probably would have been met with tears on my part. If it had come out 15 years ago I know it would have been met with tears on my part.

In middle school I had this photo (from a shoot done for what I'm guessing was about his 16th birthday? He's a year older than I am so that might be right) in 8.5" x 11" taped to my agenda (Leonardo DiCaprio was on the other side)

Funny how things change huh? I would have changed my religion (I was far more religious back then) and the music I listened to be his girlfriend. Today I just sort of shrug away his wedding plans.

Another friend made some comment about the Beatles on iTunes and how he checked and was pretty sure he had the Beatles on his iTunes for the better part of a decade. I balked at the word decade then realized I had Linkin Park and Good Charlotte on mine from the days before I even believed in iTunes. (You remember winamp right? with the cheesy anime skin?)

A decade though? I thought to myself again and then it dawned on me. The friend in particular I was talking to I've known for 9 years this January. My blogger-partner-in-crime Meag and I have been friends for 9+ years already.

Where did all this time go?

I've been thinking about the time gone, and what's left. I feel like with my 20's waning adulthood is upon me. It doesn't help that while we were standing in line to meet my favorite wrestler (you read that right yes) Evan Bourne, my friend Vitalis said the Wrestlemania ticket he was holding in his hand was something he could check off his Bucket List (or Life List if you prefer). I've been following Erin on Design for Mankind's Life List accomplishment and my other favorite blogger posted a recap of her 27 Things before 28.

I'm thinking I need one of these lists. So that's my plan. I'm making three. 27 things to do before 28 (even though I've already lost a few months, things to do before I'm 30, and a Life list. Some stuff might cross over, but some might not. Maybe I'll just make the life list and break it down.

Stay tuned for more.


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